10 remote work trends that will shape 2022

Remote work trends lasting in 2022

With all the pandemic effects still affecting the world till these days, by bringing new changes and challenges to the professional life, and labor market, one of the main trends that existed and will continue to stay for the upcoming years we name: Remote work! And why not!
Remote work has several advantages that makes it the ideal solution for many workers that doesn’t or couldn’t work in the office, in fact with this method comes lot of perks like cost reducing, better flexibility, great pool of talent and much more… This trend has led to reduce office spaces and an extra rise in remote work opportunities posted by serval job boards.
So the main question here is what are the remote work trends that ruled 2021 and that are meant to continue in 2022?
In this article we will highlight 10 remote work trends that will survive in 2022 and how businesses are adapting accordingly.

Flexible working hours /schedule

Keeping a healthy work-life balance will always be the main challenge of working in a physical office. Add to that long commuting hours and you may end up spending a big portion of your day working with no room for your hobbies, interest, or even usual break-ups. 

During the last two years, many people have seen the benefits of flexible work since it became the new rule.

The latest studies have shown that more than 33% of workers feel that having the chance to get a flexible schedule is the biggest advantage of remote work, while 25% of them are interested in the flexible location that allows them to work from any place rather than being always obliged to Shaw up in the office. Microsoft’s work trend index indicated that 73% of employees want to maintain the flexible remote work option.

Thanks to a flexible schedule, the working forces can change and adapt the way they work to get a better work-life balance. Hence being capable to start the work early and finishing later has become a new option letting people divide their workload according to their needs after getting proper breaks in between. Workers can benefit from these breaks to get some healthy snacks, go to the gym, or even have a walk in nature. 

Data security becoming a must

Since that remote work has become the new norm, companies should think of improving their data security. A big number of companies have been focusing on data security and data privacy to secure their database.
For example, Microsoft has received a huge influx in Microsoft 365 suite subscriptions since that companies are now switching from a traditional cloud storage base like dropbox to one drive to strengthen their security. Full-stake cloud data migration platforms will play a key role in securing the move to the cloud platforms.
Let’s not forget that data security is a critical issue for both private and public organizations for serval reasons. First companies have an ethical and moral obligation to protect their customer and users’ data from being unraveled to the wrong persons. Then these organization may severely harm their brand image and reputation if there is a risk of data hack. Finally, the financial and logistical consequences related to a data breach or a cyber-attack, some damages can be so severe and may cause huge financial losses.

Remote collaboration tools

For all companies having remote work forces, online collaboration tools are essential to attain business goals and stay productive. A growing number of companies are putting a great effort to ameliorate remote collaboration, they are moving from traditional cloud storage platforms to online once. For example google workplace go along with Microsoft 365 to offer better remote collaborating tools that are created to synchronize with users native
folders and files.
To facilitate project management a variety of tools can be used such as Trello, Mesiter task, Asana to keep everything well organized and to follow remote force evolution and productivity.

Better employee’s health facilities

The couple last years have shown us that uncertainty is the new rule and that nothing last permanently. In order to take this issue into count companies are trying to improve their employees’ health facilities by offering better health insurance , medical compensation and are even providing psychological and metal counseling to make sure that their employees are doing well .
These practice are aiming to help the working force stay motivated, avoid burnout and eventual psychological problems related to remote work especially if the boundary between personal and professional life becomes inexistent.
In 2022 and beyond, health care facilities will be a necessity for all companies and in all fields and industries.

Focus on operational resilience

The need to have resilient operation and working forces have never been this important. After the second quarter of 2020, companies have been trying to implement operational resilience in all their department and fields.
Operational resilience include all the initiatives that improve business continuity programs to to focus on impacts, connected risk appetite and tolerance levels for product disruption and delivery for external and internal stakeholders.
These actions include risk management, risk monitoring, and control execution that impact processes, technologies, workforces, and technological facilities.

Hybrid work reshaping remote work

The biggest trend affecting the remote work shift is hybrid work. HR managers and analysts enlist hybrid work as the biggest disruption in 2022 and beyond.

More and more employers are willing to offer flexibility to workers by allowing them to choose whether to come to the office for a physical collaboration or choosing the remote.

Companies are also offering their staff the possibility to choose a hybrid work style which enables employees to blend working from different locations such us home, office, co-working space.

Even job website and international job boards are tending to offer more remote work opportunities in order to let employees have more flexibility toward their working schedule.

We must say that a successful hybrid work model should encourage: positive working relationships, autonomy, flexibility, collaboration, flexibility and positive work habits.

More companies with few headquarters

With the huge migration to the cloud and increased business revenues during 2021, remote work is a trend that is going to stay. These means that a growing number of companies are shifting to virtual existence which means that they won’t have headquarters or any other physical location.

Shifting all the physical and technical system to the cloud will be a major trend in 2022.It, telecom and technological companies will leverage cloud computing to increase the efficiency of their remote working forces.

Nowadays with the project management tools and online work becoming a reality, a big number of companies are going toward reducing the size of their local or replacing their physical places by virtual ones.

Skill growth is a must

Learning new skills, upgrading your knowledge and keeping up with the latest business and industry trends will be a major priority for both employees and employers that want to thrive and be successful in 2022 and beyond.

In order to make the most of each new technology, a growing number of companies are investing in training programs for their employees.

Talent acquisition specialists as long as recruiters will focus on candidates with extra skills in technologies like data science, automation, machine learning ….

Focus on automation

Many online platforms like Microsoft power automate have made it easier for companies to improve their performance by automating repetitive tasks.
Since that the future is all about efficiency and boosting employees’ performance, automation will be a must-have for companies encouraging remote work and flexibility.
Business owners and leaders are integrating automation technologies to prevent businesses from collapsing. To prevent these events companies are choosing process automation to ensure that businesses are continuing.The uncertainty that occurred during the last two years has pushed companies to look for better solutions to elevate themselves from insecure environments.

Cloud based HR tools and platforms

Cloud-based HR solutions and platforms like Odoo and Zoho have made it much easier for small and large companies to manage their remote teams.
These tools will be more adopted in 2022 and beyond as more organizations are looking forward to manage their working forces in more impactful ways.
After naming these 10 remote work trends, we must admit that a growing number of companies are following this new rule, hence recruitment agencies and job boards are now leaning toward offering more remote work opportunities to future candidates.

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