The Top 8 New Year Resolutions Every Employee Must Have

One day before new year’s eve and each year many of us create a new resolution list in order to improve ourselves both on the personal and professional level. So here are some ideas that will inspire you to make some good new year resolutions. New year resolution list for 2021 Set team goals The first rule to success is setting goals. Goals are a […]

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5 Ways to support your employees’ Mental Health during the crisis

The covid-19 pandemic has affected us on so many levels, starting from our economic situation, purchasing power, professional career, personal and professional plans…. But it mostly impacted our physical and mental health. During the last 6 months of this year, many of us felt anxiousness, sadness, sleeping troubles or even depression. Many countries registered spikes […]

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The most in-demand skills in 2021

LinkedIn the biggest social media platform for professionals with over 766 million users in the world, has conducted a study to list the most in-demand skills in the new century 2021. This research was based on a large database of 660 million experts with more than 20 different jobs. Hence, discover with today’s article the […]

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How to use social media to find a job?

Social media are not just a means of interacting or chatting with others. In fact, they have a huge potential since they can be a strong networking tool that will help you find a job. In fact, these days, 92% of recruiters or head hunters are using social media networks for recruiting. Another study detailed […]

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4 Easy tips that will help you become more productive at work

Everyone one of us wants to be more productive and efficient when it comes to working. Being productive generally means accomplishing more tasks in less time but in reality, productivity is broader than that. It is more a way of being and behaving, which means you can do less than others but be more productive than them. […]

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