4 Easy tips that will help you become more productive at work

Everyone one of us wants to be more productive and efficient when it comes to working. Being productive generally means accomplishing more tasks in less time but in reality, productivity is broader than that. It is more a way of being and behaving, which means you can do less than others but be more productive than them.

When we talk about productivity, you may encounter an abundance of information like tips, techniques, or tools to try. Most of this advice may sound like common sense to you, but common sense isn’t easy to practice, that’s why people struggle to raise their productivity at work.

Most of what you will find will increase your results, but some of the suggestions may look frustrating especially if they are not applicable.

Unfortunate shortcuts or magic potions do not exist so here are four easy tips that will definitely make you more productive at work.

Talk to yourself in a different way

When it comes to people who are productive at work, they certainly think differently than others. This means that they try to create a productive mindset and always challenge their thoughts.

So, what makes them so different? At first, let’s clarify that those who are productive at work do not follow the lines of “I can’t do that”, “I’m stressed”, “I have so many tasks to do”, “I’m so stressed”, “I wish I did that “…

Instead of that, they tell themselves:

  • What is the cause of my stress? What can I do to better manage this situation?
  • I need to accomplish A and B. What is the best method to get everything done in time?
  • How can I improve my performance, considering the actual situation?

So basically, the words and talks you are telling yourself will impact your behavior. Either they will empower you and make you feel better or worse.

This also means your self-talk is a decisive element in your life because you will be acting based on them, whether they help you or not.

Get out of your own way

Sometimes the solution to all your problem is easier than you think. Which says that in order to be productive, start by stop sabotaging and destructing yourself.

When you will question yourself about why you are not so productive, the easiest thing to do is to blame the extrinsic factors that surround you, to complain and point fingers at everything and everyone …expect yourself.

When you can not blame the external factors, you will start by finding excuses or justifications that will comfort you since you have no control over them. Take your time, be truthful to yourself and find out how many excuses you live by every single day.

“I couldn’t start that project because …” “I can not read books because I don’t have time”, I couldn’t visit because I was busy “… these don’t mean that all your excuses are just invalid, but 70% of the time they are not real obstacles …they just constitute a technical avoidance that our subconscious mind gives to make us feel less guilty.

Adopting a procrastination attitude is a sign that you are standing in your own way. Besides that it is never a radical solution, you may postpone that one task to a later date but you will certainly have to accomplish it sooner or later.

If you want to be pragmatic and focused, get everything done in time, stop making excuses, start achieving. Become an achiever, not a talker.

Know your time thieves

Time thieves live with us and steal precious time from our lives. The major problem is that we do not know them or understand their huge impact on our day and on our productivity at work.

So, start by identifying your main time thieves, the situations, bad habits, and activities that interrupt you or distract you from performing well and improving your results.

Notice this if you start working or studying while forgetting about your time thieves, you will find out at the end of the day, that you have lost your time.

If you want to change your less effective time management habits, you will notice a big difference in your results.

Once you see the results of this procedure on your performance, you will feel rewarded and empowered. Which will tells you the direct connection between your reality and your actions.

Adjust your suit to fit your body

Your time management skills will define your productivity. A lot of people ignore that time management is not a one-fit-all solution! This means that what may suit you won’t systematically work for others and vice versa. The better thing to do is take general advice or tip and tailor it to your specific needs.

It is the same thing as clothes shopping. Sometimes you buy a standard suit that doesn’t fit you perfectly, so you need to make further adjustments to make it fit your body. The same thing goes with productivity tricks; you need to customize them to your needs.

To start changing your attitude think of one single thing that if you change right away it will have a huge positive impact on your productivity. Write down your idea, analyze the circumstances that lead to it, and how changing this one thing can help you move forward.

Never forget to put your results, dreams, and success before your comfort. A lot of people give up before even trying to achieve their goals, don’t be one of them.


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