5 times in your life you must update your resume

After being employed for a couple of years in your actual company, loving your job, and feeling comfortable …updating your resume has become the last task you want to achieve on your to-do list.

It is clear that it is no longer a priority for you! However, if you keep pushing that task or even neglect it, you will put yourself at a disadvantage.

In fact, you never know when things will change. You may get laid off or better, you may receive a better job opportunity. So why miss the chance to be ready for either case?!

It is known that many people hate “updating their resume.” They keep pushing away that task at all costs. Yet as a professional you must be ready for any circumstance, but mostly there are phases in your life when updating your CV becomes a must!

Update your resume: When starting a new job

The most valuable CVs quantifies and measures achievements with numbers, statistics and examples. However, when you are a new employee and you haven’t any accomplishment yet, try to tell the story behind your recruitment. Demonstrate why the company has chosen you and what makes you so special.

This is better than just copying and pasting your job description or responsibilities onto your resume.

Starting a new job is the perfect time to update your career summary section.

After passing by all the job search steps, you should update this part while your selling pitch is fresh in your mind.

Update your resume: When finalizing a big project

Did you earn a new client? Close a big transaction? Or finish the development or the launch of a new product or service? All of these are big accomplishments that needs to be enlisted on your resume. So, whenever you finish a big project make sure to say it in your resume.

If you can, privilege quantifiable and measurable results. Illustrate examples and details as the role you entailed, the number of people who worked on the project, or also the hurdles you accounted.

Update your resume: When getting promoted

When you get a promotion, it is the perfect time to celebrate your success and to update your resume.

Put in your mind that your CV must include your new position. Don’t race to put your new job title, explain why you earned this promotion, be proud, and don’t be afraid to brag.

Update your resume: When acquiring new skills

Whether it is certification, new proficiency, or accreditation; the skills you acquire strengthen your resume and give your profile extra value. So, keep your skills current.

Industry credentials can serve as keywords that help your CV to pass through application tracking systems.

Don’t hesitate to do a quarterly assessment of your resume and delete any outdated or obsolete skill that you no longer use.

Observe the job posting in your field, and industry then identify the most in-demand skills in order to add them to your resume and to update your learning plans.

Update your resume: When getting laid off

Even though it is hard to do, you must update your resume when you lose your job. Whether you got fired or been laid off as a part of downsizing you must take this step.

The first step to bounce back and get ready for your new job search pass by a CV update. And rather than trying to hide the fact that you are unemployed, you should build a strategy that attracts hiring managers to your profile. Try to update your working experience to reflect what you are currently doing.

Putting that you are now looking for a new opportunity may be easy yet it is not very appealing to head hunters and recruiters. The smart move would be to join a professional association and start a volunteer position such as a project manager or a coordinator. These two positions can add extra value to your resume.

Taking this step shows that you love taking initiative and that you are actively involved with an organization rather than just sitting there while looking for a new job.

Inscribing yourself in some professional programs related to your job, following MOOCS, trying to learn new skills, or doing side projects can also help you update your resume. This will definitely fill in any gap, enrich your skills set and make you more desirable for employers.


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