5 simple ways to kick off your job search

Job search hacks : five ways you must try!

Whether you are freshly graduated or actively looking for a new position, job search can be a long and time-consuming process every one of us has to pass by.
Between your resume update, preparing cover letters, and upgrading your social media profiles it may be difficult to define your starting point, the way to go, or even motivate yourself to do much more than just sitting in your corner and daydreaming about your future position.

Hence if you want to start your job search with the right mindset, you need to have a clear strategy: by clarifying what you want and don’t want then figuring out the best way to get to your goal while keeping your spirit lifted and optimistic.
Here are five easy steps that will facilitate your job search and get you closer to your dream job.

Make a fresh start

Before starting anything you must clear your mind and get motivated to kick off your job search.

In the first place try to better understand what you are looking for and why you specifically need this kind of job.

For example, if you are drained by your sales position because of the extra demanding and nagging clients when you will look for a new role don’t choose a customer-related –job! This will be completely insignificant and a time-waster.

Instead, define what you enjoy doing the most and what kind of mission will constitute a good fit for your personality, skills, and interest.

Like many professional job posting sites, Beestalent is a job board that offers a wide range of opportunities categorized in serval fields and valuable career advice for job seekers aiming to facilitate their job search. 

Once you define your ideal job, you need to ask yourself some questions like:

· Do you prefer working for a big or small-sized company?

· What kind of people, environment, and salary are aiming for?

· Do you need to step into a new industry or perhaps you are looking for the same role in a different company with different culture?

· What are the values and the corporate culture elements that you cherish in a company?

· What makes you happy in your job?

Even if they are basic these questions can be simply overlooked by candidates who are constantly stressed by their job search. 

Once you determine what you want and why you will have the confidence and motivation to move on. As a result, whenever you will have an interview, you will look like a stronger candidate since you know exactly the reasons that make you the perfect match for the position

Optimize your time

Everyone knows that the job search is a full-time job. However, the reality is completely different. It is not possible to spend the whole day searching for a job, sending resumes and cover letters without ending up being frustrated or burnt-out especially if you are employed and can’t afford enough time for your job hunt.

  • The hack is to proceed with your job search when you are at your best moments while trying to make the most of that time. For example, 4 well-spent hours can be more productive than eight or more, if you spend them smartly.
  • For instance, you can use your lower energy hours to research companies, prepare for interviews and update your job hunt tool kit. You can also use your most alert times to network and make follow-ups calls.
  • When you have high energy, you will be more confident and you will show a positive attitude that will come strengthen all your interactions.

You can also facilitate your job search by receiving notification from your most trusted job boards, for example, Beestalent gives the chance to browse the newest job opening and even discover the serval companies’ profiles and the opportunities they are offering.

Take advantage of your downtime

The time you spend in your job search is quite important. The more positive and motivated you are the better you will come across future employers. So before starting your job hunt journey make sure you are physically, mentally, and emotionally strong enough.
Hence never forget to prepare healthy meals, exercise, and spend time with your family and friends to recharge your batteries. You can also take advantage of your free time to learn new skills or have new hobbies: use MOOCs or virtual free courses to strengthen your technical skills and learn a new aspect of your job.
Learn how to cook, join a tennis club, volunteer, enjoy your days, and don’t be a prisoner of your job hunt! All these activates are great opportunities to network and know new people.
By optimizing and enjoying your downtime, you will be more balanced, confident, and positive while gaining new skills and having new hobbies that will add extra value to your resume and constitute a good starting point during your next job interview.

Harness the power of networking

While diving into your job search, you will spend a lot of time tailoring and customizing your resume and cover letters, but never forget that human beings hire human beings …
So while sending your CV, create opportunities to meet with new people from your fields, your industry or out of it, this is the most important moment when you can get the advantage of socializing you never know when or where you will find your next job or who will be the connection that will recommend you for a certain position.
You can start with physical or virtual conferences, hangouts, job dating sessions, professional associations, job talks, job fairs ….
You can also be creative and think outside the box by looking for social opportunities: like coffee shops, volunteering, parties …all of these are great occasions to network.
Be brave to start a conversation and let your new contacts know who you are, what you are good at, and what you are looking for. And since that, you started this challenge you will be able to introduce yourself vigorously and positively impact your contact who might end up introducing you to the right people.
In the end, your efforts will pay and you will get a few contacts in the company you want to apply to. After that, all you have to do is to send your application details to the right person (recruiter/ talent acquisition specialist or HR Manager). These experts will know who you are and what makes you perfect for the actual position.

Go for the gold

Your job search must be approached with a great amount of enthusiasm, eagerness, and positivity even if you have written your 30 th cover letter and sent your 50th resume.

Try to find original ways to motivate yourself to keep you going. Get inspired by Olympic athletes who picture themselves scoring before their performance and visuals yourself starting your first day in your ideal job. Close your eyes and imagine yourself accomplishing the tasks you want, add posters of your future company, dress for the job you want…get into the right mindset will certainly help you get motivated to do whatever you desire.

Make your dream a part of your daily life. 

Finally starting a new job can be difficult or intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a chore; as long as you have a good attitude, a clear idea of what you want, and a positive mindset.

Just believe in yourself and trust the process, be patient and remember the perfect job will present itself when your time comes and you will be ready for that.

While doing so you can discover how How to boost your confidence during your job search

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