7 essential Networking Tips to succeed in your Job Search

In order to land a job in these days, you need strong and effective networking.

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As a jobseeker, you may have heard the statement: “It is not what you know, it is who you know“. The second part of this sentence stress out the importance of networking.

In fact, when you look for a job, you will need a valuable skill set based on strong hard and soft skills, in order to perform your tasks. However, the “who you know part “can be the x factor that will open the doors for you and get you to the next level.

For instance, if you get a mention or a recommendation from a person who is already working for the company you are applying for…this simple action can be the decisive element that can make you the choice over another equally qualified candidate.

Perhaps, you see better now the power of “NETWORKING”.

So, whether you already have a strong Network or you are starting to build yours from zero, there is some networks hacks and tips, that can help through your job search.

Here are 7 essential networking tips that will transform your job search.

1. Learn the rules of professional networking

In order to succeed in networking, you need to respect two essential rules:

  • Never ask for a job: When talking to a new connection, never ask directly for a job. Let them know that you are occupying a certain role, and you will appreciate if they inform you about potential opportunities.
  • Never ask for an interview: Instead of that, ask questions about the corporate culture, value and employee to see if it fits you. Show people your interest in their experience and expertise in your field.

2. Identify which networking style works for you

This first tip is the key to succeeding your networking.Coming to networking there no “one fits all “standard style, everyone is different.Successful people who master the art of networking use different tactics.

For example, reserved or introverted people never connect the same way extrovert does. So basically, introverts should not try to copy extrovert’s style.

Therefore, it is important to identify your style of networking. A personal style in which you feel confident and comfortable in how you reach out to others.

This short quiz published by Topresume can help you to identify what networking style is the best according to your personality.

3. Practice networking in your company

Your co-workers can help you a lot in your career and it is perfectly right for you to network with them and build strong relationships.

So, whether you’ve been in your current position for just few months or even years…Networking with your fellow employees can help you not only grow in your current position but it may also provide you with connections or information that can help you to start a new job.

A good mentor can make you aware of some available positions that might not be posted to the public.

4. Use your social media smartly

Every social media channel has an advantage to offer to every job seeker. Here are some tips to better network on two big social platforms: LinkedIn and Twitter.


LinkedIn is the best platform for starting and building a strong network no matter what is your stage in the job search.

In this platform you can search with company, job title, place …then you will be able to reach out to professionals working for these companies to connect with them.

Never send a resume until you are asked to. Keep fetching to see if you are a good fit for the company and the job.


Identify your target companies on twitter. Then follow any page they have dedicated to recruiting so, you can see when jobs are posted.

Reach out to hiring managers, recruiters by commenting, linking, retweeting and engaging with their tweets.

After few interactions reach to them directly, compliment their posts than build a rapport about working with them. When the tie comes send them directly to your LinkedIn profile for extra details.

5. Be consistent

Your networking style is definitely important, however sometimes it is not only about your networking skills but more about consistency and regularity.

Reach out to your network members and get out of your comfort zone.

Put yourself in the sport light and connect with others, formally and informally on a steady basis.

Be consistent, studies have shown that you will be successful if you do so.

6. Offer your help

The most successful networkers have understood that networking is not only about profit or gaining something on return.

It is not meant to be one sided.

Networking should provide value for both sides. So, find ways to help your network members and they will help you back in return.

Volunteering could be the key. Offer to work for a non-profit group that resonates with your values and personality. This will help you get more connections with other volunteers.

Your ca also finds SBV (skill-based volunteer) opportunities, that will help you use your professional skills in your volunteering work.

Remember to pay back and forward when someone offers you help.

7. Follow up

Even though it is a quite simple step, many persons bypass this important part of the networking process.

Yet, what you need to do after meeting or reaching to someone new (personally or virtually), is to send them a connection request with a direct and personalized message, asking them to keep in touch.

After that you have to maintain this relation by reaching out to them every once in a while, by asking how they are doing, commenting their posts, re sharing them or exchanging ideas.

Networking will definitely remain one of the most essential job search keys; you must have in your toolbox.

It can include a big variety of styles and hacks that will help you asses every situation and personality differently. The only two main rules are:

  • The courage and willingness to go beyond your comfort zone.
  • The intention to push it forward by offering to help other when you can.

It is obvious that your skills and experience will get you started but your network and connections can help you boost your career and accelerate no matter what is your positions or field.


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