Tips on writing a great job posting

Did you always ask how you can create a perfect job posting? Well, you are not alone. In fact a well written job posting could make a huge difference between attracting an average candidate or the perfect one. When writing a job description for your job posting you need to avoid using the same standardized […]

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10 job boards advantages you should know about

Job boards advantages you must learn about Nowadays, job boards have succeeded to become one of the best job seekers tools to facilitate their job hunt and land the job of their dreams. Rather than just using them to find a job, you can take advantage of job boards by creating your own profile, posting […]

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The main benefits of a positive candidate experience

“If you do build a great experience, [candidates] tell each other about that. Word-of-mouth is very powerful.”​ Jeff Bezos​ Founder and CEO of Amazon​ When a new position needs to be filled and when the demand is urgent, it may be easy to focus on the process of sourcing and finding the right candidate.However many […]

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How to tell your boss when you’re feeling burned out

If you are feeling burned and exhausted, be sure, you are not alone in this! A recent American survey related to U.S workers demonstrated that 34% of them are feeling burned out on their job today, compared to one year ago. The last two years have been really tough for all of us! After all these […]

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9 Habits To Boost Your Career: You Must Definitely Have

Everyone of us has his own habits and manners when it comes to work or even personal life. Whether it is about the way we work, achieve our tasks or manage our day; these habits affect our attitude to others and also our careers. Even though, people may think that habits are difficult to change, […]

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5 times in your life you must update your resume

After being employed for a couple of years in your actual company, loving your job, and feeling comfortable …updating your resume has become the last task you want to achieve on your to-do list. It is clear that it is no longer a priority for you! However, if you keep pushing that task or even […]

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7 essential Networking Tips to succeed in your Job Search

In order to land a job in these days, you need strong and effective networking. H.B Beestalent recruitement expert As a jobseeker, you may have heard the statement: “It is not what you know, it is who you know“. The second part of this sentence stress out the importance of networking. In fact, when you […]

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How to boost your confidence during your job search

 Being unemployed can be very difficult to endure especially if you are an active person.So, if you are in a job search phase,  trying to get back to work after a break or recover from a difficult layoff …it is hard to put the unemployment fact into perspective without your ego taking a hit.When you […]

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5 simple ideas to implement workplace wellness

Workplace wellness is an essential element for every one of us. In fact, if we know that we spend in average more than 8 h/day at work, we understand that our happiness, stability, physical and mental health depend on our wellbeing at work. In other words, if an employee feels miserable during his working hours because […]

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