How to boost your confidence during your job search

Being unemployed can be very difficult to endure especially if you are an active person.
So, if you are in a job search phase,  trying to get back to work after a break or recover from a difficult layoff …it is hard to put the unemployment fact into perspective without your ego taking a hit.
When you are unemployed, you may doubt your professional value and worth. This difficult situation may be more challenging when trying to sell your skills on the job market.
But don’t worry it is time to let go of these thoughts. Recognize your real value and boost your confidence to strengthen your job hunt.

Here are 6 useful tips that will help you boost your confidence during your job search. 

You are strong, you are a survivor

These last two years have been extra challenging for job seekers. In these uncertain times, candidates need more guts; heart, will, and optimism in order to face all the challenges they are facing during their job search.
Hence, as a candidate, you need to be strong and to hang on. After some years, when people will talk about the pandemic, you will feel so much pride.

When you look back to this periodyou will remember that you showed optimism and survival instinctsYou even rebranded yourself and showed flexibility during times of crisis.

For instance, the story you are telling yourself now about how you managed to overcome tough times, matters.
In fact, Drs Lisa and Orbé Ostin, both psychologists and professional coaches demonstrated: that the stories we tell ourselves about a certain situation have a great impact on what we will do next in situations that define the trajectory of our lives.

You are never alone

People can lose their jobs for different reasons. Some of them are related to performance but others are out of control.
The Covid-19 pandemic has abolished stereotypes about unemployment and created new working methods.
Statistics show that a quarter of the American adults say that they or someone in their household lost their job or have been laid off.
32% of them declare they or someone in their household has taken pay off cut due to the reduced demand for their work.
So whether you have lost your position or been laid off, a big number of workers all over the world, are in the same situation as yours.
Just recognize that what you are facing is a part of a huge change that is out of your control and that you will succeed to adapt yourself and find a new adventure.

Create for yourself a search routine

Going from a busy and long daily schedule to a completely free day could be difficult to endure!
So, don’t lose your ritual, protect yourself by creating daily routines and to-do lists.
Be firm and commit to advancing your job search, learning new skills, strengthening your CV, and building your network.
Reach out to people, send your application, follow up, be present at conferences and virtual meetings gathering experts in your industry … don’t miss the chance to communicate with others and gain more visibility.
Get yourself into the job search market, sell your skills, show your expertise and be proud of the work you are doing.
Show more confidence during your job search and be opened to new opportunities you never know which door will open for you, so be ready.

Develop a self-care plan

During your job search never forget yourself. Your mental health is very important during this period, so be your best ally, do things that make you happy, healthy, and optimistic. Lean on your family and friends for support or work with a career coach or a therapist to get better assistance.

Have some healthy routines. These small activities will help you to stay motivated and strong. Privilege healthy recipes, exercise, sleep better and face emotional challenges with confidence. In fact, when your body feels healthy, your mind will feel better.

Sometimes it can be defaulted to start a self-care routine, which’s why Drs Orbé pointed that micro-habits are a great solution to “be intentional and start small”.

They explain that “Micro-habits are actions that require minimal motivation or effort to complete.”

For example, you can start a workout routine with some micro-habits like waking up earlier, putting on your baskets, setting your timer, and going for a morning run. These baby steps will lead you to have a daily workout routine.
After some time, you will build more successes from that point. By building micro-habits for your self-care routine, you can boost your engagement with them and give yourself a push to attain them.
As a consequence, you will boost your self-confidence and be more motivated during your job search.

Lean on your network

Set yourself to success and victory by surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people.
During the employment time, you better reach to your former colleagues, family members, and mentors.
Don’t forget that during times of crisis you can find the support you need in your network.
Keep in your mind also, that when you will ask your network members for a reference, an introduction, or a referral, you are not asking them for a big favor. This is how a network should work.
Just be sure to be polite and professional with your network when asking for help, yet never feel that doing so, will diminish your value or worth.
For instance, spend your time building a supportive community, help others when you can, give credit, share posts, comment, show your interest in others and be empathic.
This is how things work in a network, you will get the help you need now and you will be able to help a jobseeker in the future.

You are the deal

When you are unemployed, you can feel that your job loss makes you an imposter.
In fact, imposter syndrome is so common in these cases. Drs Orbé found that more than 70% of people experienced the imposter syndrome.
They describe this syndrome as “the experience of constantly feeling like a fraud, downplaying one’s accomplishments, and always being concerned about being exposed as incompetent or incapable.”
Hence, people who struggle with this syndrome, tend to repeat negative stories to themselves to confirm that they don’t belong.
Be cautious if you are working and picturing your job loss in an erroneous way.
Change your perspective, be supportive and kind to yourself to view this situation from the right perspective in order to move on.

Yourself confidence is your most precious fortune, never let it diminish in order to keep advancing in your job search. Know your worth and believe that things will change, reserve your energy … After all, this situation is temporary and tomorrow things will go better.


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