5 simple ways to kick off your job search

Job search hacks : five ways you must try! Whether you are freshly graduated or actively looking for a new position, job search can be a long and time-consuming process every one of us has to pass by. Between your resume update, preparing cover letters, and upgrading your social media profiles it may be difficult […]

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Tips on writing a great job posting

Did you always ask how you can create a perfect job posting? Well, you are not alone. In fact a well written job posting could make a huge difference between attracting an average candidate or the perfect one. When writing a job description for your job posting you need to avoid using the same standardized […]

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The best practices for creating a positive candidate experience

The success of the recruitment process is mainly based on the candidate’s experience. In a job market that is plagued by a talent shortage, the best candidates tend to view their overall experience as a reflection of the value the company puts on its employees. When it comes to accepting or rejecting a job offer, […]

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Why job boards are the best searching tools for job seekers

Job boards, also known as job websites, are essential platforms to use while looking for a new position.  They will host job adverts on behalf of employers and recruitment agencies. You, as a job seeker, can hunt through these adverts to find your next job. You can as well upload your CV to these websites […]

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Why job boards are the best recruitment tools for professionals

Managing human resources is essential for the future of any existing company. Yet it is not always that easy. Thanks to the digital evolution that conquered the world, the recruitment field was turned upside down. Nowadays we are no longer talking about traditional recruitment processes, but more about E-recruitment, and job boards are a big […]

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How to use job boards effectively to find a job ?

With the fast-growing rate of social media in the recruitment world, many people think that job boards will soon become useless. However, many forget how much a job board is an incredibly useful tool of opportunities.  Job boards, also known as job sites, can be very helpful for job seekers because they can focus on […]

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The main benefits of a positive candidate experience

“If you do build a great experience, [candidates] tell each other about that. Word-of-mouth is very powerful.”​ Jeff Bezos​ Founder and CEO of Amazon​ When a new position needs to be filled and when the demand is urgent, it may be easy to focus on the process of sourcing and finding the right candidate.However many […]

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How to tell your boss when you’re feeling burned out

If you are feeling burned and exhausted, be sure, you are not alone in this! A recent American survey related to U.S workers demonstrated that 34% of them are feeling burned out on their job today, compared to one year ago. The last two years have been really tough for all of us! After all these […]

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9 Habits To Boost Your Career: You Must Definitely Have

Everyone of us has his own habits and manners when it comes to work or even personal life. Whether it is about the way we work, achieve our tasks or manage our day; these habits affect our attitude to others and also our careers. Even though, people may think that habits are difficult to change, […]

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