10 remote work trends that will shape 2022

Remote work trends lasting in 2022 With all the pandemic effects still affecting the world till these days, by bringing new changes and challenges to the professional life, and labor market, one of the main trends that existed and will continue to stay for the upcoming years we name: Remote work! And why not! Remote work has several advantages that makes it the ideal solution for many workers that doesn’t or couldn’t work in the office, in fact with this method comes a lot of perks like cost reducing, better flexibility, great pool of talent and much more… This trend has led to reduce office spaces and an extra rise in remote work opportunities posted by serval […]

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Job board vs Job Search Engine [Updated for 2022]

It might be confusing to see the difference between a job search engine and a job board as long as these terms are too similar. But it’s wise to know from where you can find the right candidates for your company or the right job First, we would understand these terms, right? What is a […]

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Hiring freelancers: Why and how?

Selecting the right candidates has been, and will always be the most essential and important element for a safe and efficient business. And as the gig economy is growing, and taking a larger place in the employment world, companies nowadays are forced to hire freelancers and contractors to fill critical roles in their organization. For […]

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