12 Ways to manage stress at work

By Tips for job seekers

Unforeseen events, unexpected events, pressures everywhere, files that are beyond our knowledge, advanced deadlines, etc… This is the daily life of the working world. One day, their accumulation leads to a feeling of imbalance between the employer’s expectations and the resources available to the employee. The person is faced with work-related stress. This situation is […]

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How to Start a Second Career

What do you think of your present career? Have you reached a dead end or are you burnt out? Even though your career-related enthusiasm may have vanished, you still have options. Here are some concrete actions you can take to start a second career. What Causes Career Changes? Your current job may have you feeling […]

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How To Become a Renewable Energy Engineer ?

The demand for Renewable Energy Engineering has never been greater, thanks to an ever-increasing demand for renewable energy. It’s also a terrific job with several advantages and chances! Freedom, responsibility, career prospects, the capacity to study, and, of course, making a difference for a more sustainable future are just a few of the many advantages […]

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 How to become an international consultant, your 2022 guide

As companies seek new markets for their products and services, business is becoming increasingly more international. Simultaneously, the corporate climate is becoming more competitive and complex. As a result, there may be an increase in demand for people with experience in international company management. Working as an international consultant allows you to mix business, travel, […]

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