Hiring freelancers Why and how

Selecting the right candidates has been, and will always be the most essential and important element for a safe and efficient business. And as the gig economy is growing, and taking a larger place in the employment world, companies nowadays are forced to opt to hiring freelancers and contractors to fill critical roles in their organization.

For all hiring companies searching for freelancers, this article is going to be your ultimate guide to find and hire the right ones.

Why hire freelancers?

For all hiring companies searching for freelancers, this article is going to be your ultimate guide to finding and hiring the right ones.

The advantages of hiring freelancers

hiring freelancers

During the past few years, the freelancing market has been booming and still. The reason that hides behind this boom is simply the advantages that freelancing offers for both, companies and job seekers.

The first advantage to consider is the fact that freelancers cost less than full-time employees. How? The recruitment of an employee implies paying not only the salary but also all the social contributions related. Otherwise, hiring a freelancer does not involve the same charges since he is not considered as an employee but more as an external partner.

Meanwhile, recruiting a freelancer allows the company to have access to specific, needed skills, for a limited period of time. This period is determined in advance by the hiring company, depending on its needs. For example, you can hire a freelancer for a specific project or even task. Once his mission is completed he will no longer be part of your organization, which is not the case with an employee.

Hiring freelancers allows companies to access highly qualified candidates on the job market. As a matter of fact, freelance consultants are most known for their extensive professional experience and their developed skills and expertise.

The disadvantages of hiring freelancers

As we have seen, recruiting freelancers has multiple advantages. However, it has its own disadvantages.

First of all, unlike an employee, who has a very strong bond with his employer thanks to a solid contract, signed by both parties, a freelancer is committed to his client only by a temporary, service contract. In such a case, the freelancer can decide to stop his services for the sake of another mission that sounds more advantageous for him.

In fact, freelancers are self-employed, which means that employers have little control over them beyond the contract. Freelancers do what the contract requires them to do within the time frame specified, but that is the only control employers have over them.

If the employer decides to change or add tasks, freelancers charge extra, whereas an employee simply does the tasks that are asked of them.

What you must know about freelancers

hiring freelancers

There are two scenarios for working as a freelancer that you must know about before recruiting one.

The first case is related to registered freelancers. This means that the independent consultant has created his own legal structure or has chosen the auto-entrepreneur status. In such a situation, the service contract will directly link the client company with the legal structure of the freelancer.

The second one is the case of the freelance in wage portage. In such a case, the freelance worker has chosen not to create a legal structure and to have his services carried out by a payroll provider. The freelancer is linked to the payroll company by an employment contract, and the service contract links the client company with the payroll provider.

Recruiting freelance consultants in-house

Once you have evaluated the pros and cons and decided to recruit freelance consultants, you now have to decide whether to bring the freelance recruitment in-house or outsource it. If you choose the in-house option, you have several options.

First, you have an HR department that is large enough to handle a new hire. In this case, there is no reason to outsource your freelance recruitment. Your human resources department will be able to lead the employment process, in collaboration with the rest of the company’s departments.

Secondly, your HR department is very small and will not be able to handle the recruitment. In such a case, you can call upon a recruitment consultant (on a temporary or freelance basis) who will be able to assist your HR department and allow you to still manage the recruitment internally.

Use freelance job boards to recruit

If you decide to outsource the hiring of freelancers, you have several solutions.

The first one is related to calling upon a specialized recruitment firm. In this case, you will be able to outsource the whole recruitment process without having to worry about anything. You will receive 2 to 3 CVs corresponding to your expectations and select the one that perfectly suits your needs.

In addition, you can choose to go through a specialized job board that will allow you to have access to a list of profiles and resumes that correspond to your search. You can contact them directly once you make your choice.

How to succeed in freelance recruitments?

To succeed in your freelance recruitment, it is essential to pay attention to certain details.

First of all, it is necessary to write a precise job offer or mission offer. It should explain the expectations of the position, the required technical and relational skills, the period of the mission and its location, etc.

In addition, to increase the visibility of your freelance offer, you can choose to publish it on social networks and online job boards.

Finally, if you have already worked with freelancers in the past, it may be interesting to contact them again to know if they could be interested in the mission, or if they know other freelancers who could be.

Hiring freelancers might seem like an easy task to do, but sometimes the decision itself could be a bit complicated. In order to succeed in your recruitment process, you can always check the hiring tips on our blog.

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