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As companies seek new markets for their products and services, business is becoming increasingly more international.

Simultaneously, the corporate climate is becoming more competitive and complex. As a result, there may be an increase in demand for people with experience in international company management. Working as an international consultant allows you to mix business, travel, and cultural immersion into one thrilling career.

We will detail in this article the definition of an international consultant, how being an international consultant benefits your career and what are the ways to become an international consultant.

What is an international consultant ?

What is an international consultant ? An international consultant helps businesses find answers to problems about their future activity in overseas markets. 

An effective international consultant can assist clients with unique tasks in a variety of fields (management, market research, human resources, corporate strategy, engineering, IT, etc.). While there are exceptions, international consultants are more likely to collaborate closely with a company’s management team if it already has some experience in international trade.

What can an international consultant be ?

Strategy Consultant

The phrase “Strategy Consultant” refers to consultants who work at the top of the consulting industry, focusing on strategic issues such as corporate and organizational strategy, economic policy, government policy, and functional strategy. As a result, strategy consultants are frequently tasked by top executives, such as CxOs, directors, and senior executives. Strategy consultants have a different profile than their peers since the nature of strategy consulting differs from the more implementation and operationally focused sectors. Their work description centers more around delivering advice than managing implementation, and their focus is more on quantitative/analytical skills.

Management Consultant

Management consultants, often known as business consultants or organizational advisers, are consultants who specialize in a wide range of organizational issues, from strategy to other aspects of management. Management Consulting, according to Kennedy’s and’s methodology, is a catch-all word for any services that fall under Strategy Consulting, Operations Consulting, and HR Consulting. As a result, management consultants account for the vast majority of advisers – more than half of all advisors are management consultants.

Operations Consultant

Operations consultants assist clients in improving the efficiency of their operations. In this area, consulting services range from advisory services to hands-on implementation help for both primary and secondary tasks (e.g. sales, marketing, production, etc). (e.g. Finance, HR, Supply Chain, ICT, Legal, etc.). The main section of the advising branch is operations consultants, and the majority of consultants work in one of the numerous underlying operating areas. Because operations is frequently linked to strategy and technology in businesses, active operations consultants frequently collaborate with specialists from these fields.

Financial Advisory Consultant

Consultants in the Financial Advisory segment typically concentrate on issues relating to a company’s financial skills, as well as, in many cases, its analytical capabilities. As a result, consultants working in these areas can have a wide range of profiles, ranging from M&A and corporate finance advisers to risk management, tax, restructuring, and real estate experts. Financial Advisory also includes consultants who specialize in forensic research and dispute resolution. The bulk of financial consultants work for large accounting and consulting firms or for specialized advising businesses.

Human Resource Consultant

HR consultants assist clients with human capital issues within their organizations and/or improve the HR department’s effectiveness. Organizational changes, change management, terms of employment, learning and development, talent management, and retirement are all major issues in HR consultants’ job descriptions. HR consultants are also hired by companies to help them reform their company’s corporate culture or its HR department, which includes changes to organizational design, processes, and systems, among other things. HR consulting, along with strategy consulting, is one of the smallest components of the consultancy industry, and so the number of consultants working in this area is fewer than in other areas.

IT Consultant

Technology consultants, often known as IT consultants, ICT consultants, or digital consultants, assist clients with the development and implementation of information technology (IT) within their businesses. In contrast to conventional IT personnel, who concentrate on day-to-day IT operations (so-called ‘business as usual’ activities), IT consultants focus on transitions (projects) in the ICT landscape. The bulk of ICT consultants work on installation projects, such as large ERP systems, where their responsibilities range from project management to process management and system integration. Digital, data analytics (also known as data science), cyber security, and IT forensics are the fastest expanding industries in IT consulting.

How working abroad can benefit your career ?

How working abroad can benefit your career ? Apart from being well paid as an international consultant makes around 45.604$ yearly according to a glassdoor study, working abroad has a lot of benefits for your career.

Flexibility and adaptability:

 Working in a foreign country requires you to adapt to new and unfamiliar surroundings. This can help you gain confidence and improve your capacity to adapt to a variety of scenarios. You’ll be forced to accept other points of view, which will undoubtedly help you enhance your objectivity, reasoning, and fairness, all of which are important attributes for a good team player. Your ability to adapt, reflect, and communicate will undoubtedly increase over time. Working with a varied group of people to achieve common goals will also help you increase your flexibility.

Languages and communication skills:

It is true that learning a new language is difficult. Some languages are more difficult to master than others, but learning the fundamentals can demonstrate your enthusiasm to take on new challenges while also improving your communication abilities. Seven out of ten people who have worked internationally consider themselves as competent communicators who can work well with people from different cultures (British Council). Even if you have no interest in learning languages, being surrounded by unfamiliar words has a captivating effect. At the absolute least, you’ll gain a better understanding of body language and cultural norms that you may employ later in life.

Innovation skills :

Settling overseas helps you develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills, from figuring out how to travel through a new city to immersing yourself in a new business structure. As a result, your problem-solving abilities improve, and your desire to invent grows. Work experience gained abroad may be more important than experience gained in the comfort of your home city. Being away from home forces you to be more creative and come up with new ideas. It tests one’s ability to operate in a variety of scenarios and processes. As a result, the portfolio you create may become considerably more valuable.

Global Mindset :

Working with people from other origins, cultures, and habits is a vital component of relocating abroad. Working overseas will expose you to different protocols that will help you improve your professional abilities and gain a better grasp of how businesses work. Business and healthcare are becoming more worldwide than ever before, and there is a growing demand for people with foreign expertise and the capacity to adapt to new contexts.

Our blog offers you the opportunity to  read more about the most in demand skills when working abroad.

How to become an international consultant ?

How to become an international consultant ? If you want to be an international consultant there are 4 actions you’ll need to take:

Create a web presence

You presumably already have a website for your consulting business. Do you, however, have a page dedicated to your foreign consulting services? If you don’t already have one, you should create one to showcase your service offers. Even if you don’t currently have international clients, you’ll need to build up a page to let prospective know that you can conduct business worldwide.

Connect with people overseas

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t know anyone over there.” That may be true for the time being, but there are plenty of opportunities to interact. LinkedIn, for example, is a great way to meet foreign professionals. In addition, there are undoubtedly business networking groups in your area that focus on various regions of the world. You’ll need to connect with people from other countries in order to establish an international network, regardless of how you go about it.

Turn initial contacts into secondary contacts

The most crucial strategy is to ask anyone in the international business community whether they know anyone else who could benefit from your services whenever you have a chat with them. People are often amazed at how eager they are to introduce you to other international CEOs. Always remember to ask someone new you meet if they know anyone else they can introduce you to. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Keep your clients' best interests in mind

This holds true in both professional and personal lives. People will pick up on your good intentions and treat you with care and respect if you engage with them and think about their interests first. Always put your clients’ needs first, and everything else will fall into place.

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