How to sell yourself during your job interview

Unless you are working in sales, the idea of selling yourself during a job interview can be very intimidating. Actually, the fact of selling yourself can be tricky and overwhelming: you don’t want to sound corny or arrogant but at the same time you don’t want to show that you are desperate. Learning and mastering the art of promoting yourself in a convincing way is what job interviews are all about.

One good thing to retain is that you can learn how to talk about yourself with confidence and ease, especially when you are talking about your skills, achievements, or knowledge…

With little effort, some courage, and practice you can learn how to sell your profile to any employer and make them think that you are the chosen one for the position. So here are some tips that can help you to close the deal and get the job offer.

Tailor your elevator pitch according to the offer

In order to be fully prepared, take your time to prepare a 30 to 60-second self-introduction. This elevator pitch should be customized to each job you are applying for.

You can’t adopt mono or one approach that fits in every circumstance. Thereby, you need to be speaking to the pain points of the company. You don’t need to be appealing to everyone meanwhile you need to present yourself as the best solution for their problem.

This means that you must look and analyze scrupulously the job post in order to asses the company and post needs, requirements, and skill set. This will allow you to tweak your pitch accordingly.

So do your own researches and find the key points or what matters the most to the company. Check at first their website, their social media accounts, especially LinkedIn, understand their story, mission, values, culture or any initiatives they have undertaken …after that tailor your pitch to be the best candidate for the job.

Look different

Let’s be honest the first impression, the hiring manager will make, is based on your look. Choosing the right interview attire depends on many factors like the industry, the position in itself, the company culture, spirit, and the dress code.

You want to be standing out, which means dressing up a bit above what employees are wearing. Choose some classy and timeless pieces; you need to look fresh and elegant.

Besides your look, let’s talk about your attitude you need to project a good amount of self-confidence and charisma. Your body language and communication should prove and strengthen what you are selling them.

Hence, your verbal and non-verbal attitude should be going in the same direction. So have good control of your emotion, hand motions, body posture eye contact then voice and tone. These elements are crucial when you are selling yourself during a job interview.

Say the right things

You need to be comfortable when you talk about yourself, otherwise, the job interview will be more awkward and overwhelming than it already is.

The key to achieve this? Practice, practice and more practice.

Take your time and craft a good elevator pitch.

Choose a friend or family member to play roles, you will be the candidate and he/she will be the interviewer, do this exercise properly and you will see your attitude improving over time.

You can also turn to an expert like a recruiter friend, or a career coach that will simulate job interview situation and will give you more personalized tips and hacks to improve yourself.

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Quantify and measure your achievements

Vague arguments are good, but they never bit good metrics. So it is crucial to use relevant number and statistics in order to describe your success or accomplishments.

So rather than saying “I made a successful deal “; say; “the deal I sealed helped the company to reduce 40% of our global costs; it helped the company to increase 25% of its turnover and landed us 4 huge clients for the 3 years.

Another point to take in consideration is to avoid is using empty cliches, like mentioning that you are a perfectionist, a working machine or a team player.

Strengthen your claims with relevant details and stories that show how you applied your skills and knowledge in the job.

Prepare some anecdotes

No matter what is your filed or working industry, you should expect behavioral job interview questions.

These tricky questions require you to give real-life examples from your past experience.

The interviewer may ask you: “talk about one situation where you have had to deal with a difficult boss or co-worker”

Unfortunately, this is the difficult part where most candidates trip.

Most of the candidates succeed to tell a decent story but mostly everyone forgets the impact of their story on the interviewer and the business.

It is important to illustrate your skills with concrete examples, but it is more crucial to indicate the result of your actions.

Use real feedback to showcase your contribution and craft an attractive anecdote.

Tell real stories about how people used your solution and how it affected the company business, even year later.

Ask unique questions

One of the keys to distinguish yourself from other candidates is to ask relevant and valuable question that show your interest and curiosity.

These questions will show you as a smart, persistent and curious candidate.

Only make sure that one of your questions expresses your interest and excitement in what the company is working on.

Then weigh for the interviewer answer if you want to follow up with extra question or to offer your expert reading of the situation.

You can even drop in some creative suggestion on how you will asses these points if you will be selected.

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