How to use job boards effectively to find a job

With the fast-growing rate of social media in the recruitment world, many people think that job boards will soon become useless. However, many forget how much a job board is an incredibly useful tool of opportunities.  Job boards, also known as job sites, can be very helpful for job seekers because they can focus on a few specific positions and limit the time that they take to find a job. Those platforms are often “The Answer” to all their search needs. On the other side, savvy job seekers might use these tools as a starting point and research source as well as entry points into many of the formal corporate recruiting systems.

As you go through job boards in search of your next opportunity, here are some ways to get the most out of their services.

What are the basic selection criteria of a job board?

We know about choosing sites with the new jobs in the right industry and location, however, the world has gotten more complex as more scams join the online job search mix.

Know the site or the organization behind it

YES, bogus job sites DO exist – the motivation is not that clear, but what is clear is that they do NOT connect job seekers with real jobs or let’s say legitimate jobs to be more precise. You should look for real contact information like the physical address and the phone numbers, normally you can find these kinds of details on the “contact us” or “about us” pages of the website. Be wary of job sites or job boards that are introduced to you through e-mail or which only have fill-in-the-blank forms on their pages.

Read the terms of privacy before posting your resume

These documents should give a sense of a site’s ethics and credibility. take your time to check and learn about what they do with your personal contact information and resume. Be aware of sites sharing your information with third parties, even if “opt-out” trustworthiness is provided by those third parties, and try to completely avoid websites that provide no information about terms of use and the privacy policy. Yes, bogus sites can provide this kind of information, so, by itself, this information does not assure security and safety, especially if resumes are collected.

How to use job Boards effectively during your job search?

Nowadays, using job boards for research can be the most productive thing for job hunters.

Identify companies who are currently hiring

Depending on the field that you want to work in, search through the jobs by any/all of the following:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Industry 
  • Profession and location
  • Industry and location
  • Job title and location

This shall give you indications about which companies are hiring in your field and/or where you want to work then you can make a list of those employers you find on the job board.


Ensure that you ‘fit’ with a job before applying


If you don’t meet more than half of the job conditions or requirements stated in the job description, don’t waste your time applying for 2 principal reasons:

  1. Best-case scenario, your application will be just ignored.
  2. Worst-case scenario, your name will end up on a list of persons who have been always ignored since they don’t apply for the right jobs.

Follow the recommendations given, and please be sure that your application makes a good impression. Think of a job application as an essential condition to get the job. That’s why you should make sure you demonstrate the high quality of your work through your application.

Keep an eye out on the company’s job listings

Do your research about the employee and be sure to repeat your search at least once a week for a few weeks or even months to get an idea of how many jobs the employer has open. This is important because sometimes employers are expanding so they have many jobs open.

Some very large numbers of employers are always hiring new people as current employees are promoted to other jobs. On the other side, unfortunately, sometimes employers have high employee turnover because either they don’t have a great place to work or they pay poorly so they always have jobs open and that’s why you should be careful of those employers.

One of the most important things to remember about job boards is that it gives you access to millions of opportunities and new challenges. If you are still looking for a job here are the essential Networking Tips to Succeed in Your Job Search.

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