Job board vs Job Search Engine [Updated for 2022]

It might be confusing to see the difference between a job search engine and job boards as long as these terms are too similar. But it’s wise to know from where you can find the right candidates for your company or the right job 

First, we would understand these terms, right?

What is a job Search Engine?

Job Search Engine shows aggregate job listings from other different employer websites  like Google Careers or LinkedIn. You can search for any kind of job and they can provide you with a list of results from different websites. They collect tons of jobs posting on their platforms. Some job search engines exist for specific career fields or industries

What are Job Boards?

Unlike job search sites, on a job board you can find different jobs posted by employers on those websites. A job board is a website that shows a listing of jobs posted by employers or even recruiters. Those sites allow candidates to create their profiles and apply to any opportunity they like to. It also often charge employers to do their listing. Some of these platforms allow recruits and employers to advertise jobs for free, while others offer premium paid job ads.

job board vs job search engine

Outside this basic terminology about these terms, a job search engine and a job board also contrast in the way they operate, in terms of both job hunters and recruiters. So, here in this article, we are discussing some of the real differences between job search engines and a job board. So, just read on the points.

Optimization function during the job search

And now, another way job search and job boards differ is in the way their search engines optimization function. Since every single job search engine uses bots to search the right web pages for all jobs posted on career sites or any job board. They generally pull more information from these job portals in order to provide the most significant results.

 This means when a recruiter or an employer uses  job search engines, they will be automatically given job postings title, posting date, requirements, location, description, and even more to determine if that job fits into the job seeker’s query. 

Conversely, since they do not need to worry about making sense of job postings not generally intended for their website, they have to often rely only on locations and job titles to populate results for search queries when a recruiter starts searching for any job.

Highly competitive job market

Job board and job search engine

Yes, you will be directly competing with different other vendors in terms of job postings when you start advertising jobs online. That’s why you can expect an intense competition market because job search engines normally pull in the information and list out more jobs than any other job website. 

And now Do you wonder why?! It’s because a job search engine searches through the web then index all jobs on their websites from an important number of different job portals and also career sites. While job boards rely on posting a job directly to their website to populate their search results. 

This results in higher market competition to the talent acquisition professional or the HR looking to advertise their jobs online. This is the reason why recruitment experts recommend any HR and talent acquisition professionals to diversify the vendors they advertise their different jobs with.

What is the best way to recruit for your businesses?

job boards

When it comes to figuring out the best way for employers to find the right candidates, there’s no one answer. The best way for posting jobs will depend on the industry and sector, the location, skill set, and experience level required to fill the role. Of course, your budget will play an important role in finding the best platfrom for your needs. 

In short, job boards are just one kind of online platform available to employers and recruiters to advertise for different job vacancies. There are also job search engines sites where employers can find candidates and job seekers can search for jobs.

Beestalent helps you fulfill your hiring and recruiting goals by multiposting your different job ads to the most relevant job boards and also offering data-driven recommendations on which platforms you will likely see the best ROI.

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