Job posting How to advertise your jobs and attract the right candidates

In order to succeed your search for the right candidate, and get more qualified resumes, your job posting needs to be as perfect as possible.

As a matter of fact, a well-written job advertisement has dual function. It helps you attract the best job seekers to apply for your company’s openings in one hand, and discourage profiles that don’t match the available position on the other hand.

Since job postings are the heart of our business as a job board, we have decided to share with you the best “recipe” for creating the perfect ones.

But before we start, you need to know that you don’t have to follow these tips identically. It’s always up to you to choose the formula that suits best your company and your needs.

What’s a job posting?

A job posting, also known as a job ad, Job advert, Hiring ad… is the first step a company goes through to recruit applicants for its available positions. The aim of job postings is to inform job seekers about the openings on the one hand and motivate them to apply on the other hand.

Historically, job postings were published in the dedicated sections of newspapers. Nowadays, and thanks to the digital evolution that conquered the world, companies tend to post their job ads online. Thanks to job boards, recruiting software, talent acquisition platforms, and social media, the audience that can be reached is unlimited in terms of number and location.

Types of job postings

There are 2 main types of job postings: Internal and External.

Internal Job Postings

Just like their name says, internal job postings are those that are meant to remain inside of the company. The employees of the organization are the first ones to get the chance to know about the new positions. Internal job postings are an excellent way to encourage internal mobility, and leverage in-house talent. The employee will be given the chance to switch departments, take new roles in existing teams, and evolve in their career. Internal job ads are adopted by many companies because it helps boost the employees’ motivation and saves a lot of time and money for the organization.

External Job Postings

External job postings are the opposite of internal ones. Dedicated to candidates from outside the company, they are often posted on job boards and dedicated platforms. Some companies chose their platforms based on their industry, others on the website’s notoriety. Both choices are good, a specialized job board provides the organization with qualified candidates, well-known ones allow the company to reach a larger audience witch is pretty good for its brand awareness.

This type of job ad enables the hiring company to expand their employees’ base and add external expertise to the organization.

What you should include in your job ad

In order to attract the highest volume of qualified job seekers, there are important elements to include in your job posting. The job ad must describe clearly the opened position, and detail all the requirements of the company.

Here are the main elements to include in your job posting:

  • A job title: The chosen job title must perfectly reflect the position your company is looking for. Abbreviations are to avoid, even the most known ones.
  • An introduction: The introduction is the most important part, it’s the hook that will help you push the candidate to continue reading. You can include some details that you believe will attract the applicants.
  • Requirements and role duties: You must highlight the main responsibilities and requirements in your job posting. This will help you reach the right candidates. Try to mention the required years of work experience, the education level wanted, the soft and hard skills needed for the position… Even the required documents and the preferred application method are good to mention.
  • The company’s information: You need to include all of your company’s information in your job postings. A phone number and email address are great to mention. Another important detail you should mention is your organization’s exact location (or the job location), this way you will only attract candidates who live just around the corner.

What is an effective job ad?

An effective job ad is generally composed of the following elements:

  • An attractive job title.
  • Specific keywords related to the position.
  • Clear and detailed standards for career advancement.
  • A concise description of the requirements with at least an implied explanation of how they are relevant to the work being performed.
  • A personal and conversational tone, rather than a formal description.

Keep in mind that a job posting is always your first contact as an organization with your potential employee, and it’s for these exact reasons that you should pay good attention to your job postings by following some tips while writing your job offer. The better your job ads are, the more success your company will get in terms of attracting qualified applicants and the higher application conversion rate will get. 

The difference between a job posting and a job description

In order to succeed in your job advertisement, you need to understand the difference between a job posting and a job description. When your company is about to open a new position, you need to prepare a detailed and complete job description. This explains the fact that a job description is actually an internal document that details the position’s responsibilities and duties, working conditions, authority…

Meanwhile, a job posting is simply an ad, dedicated to attracting applicants. It is a slimmed-down version of the job description.

More details about job advertising

Job advertising used to be not only expensive but also tiresome. Recruiters used to spend a lot of time posting jobs on multiple channels, just to find ONE qualified candidate after a long-term selection process.

Well, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, innovative companies rely on many innovative solutions like LinkedIn and job boards that offer to the company the possibility to quickly search for resumes and even contact the candidates they think are good for the job. These solutions are, and will always remain cost-effective and efficient.

So what are the best practices?  


The first step you must go through in your job posting is publishing the available position on the career page of your website. If you don’t have a dedicated section, think about creating one.

Now that your job offer is published, think about optimizing it to the search engines. An SEO (Search engine optimization) and mobile-friendly job ad will always give you more visibility on the web. Meanwhile, and in order to promote your listings even more, you can use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that will provide you help you succeed in your job posting’s management by simplifying your recruitment process.

As for your job descriptions, the best practices are to make them user-friendly by including all the information needed to attract top talent to apply, like the attractive job title, the key skills and qualifications, the job location, your company’s advantages, and added values…

Finally, if you need to push specific candidates to apply for the position available in your company, you must think about targeted ads. This solution will give you access to a qualified candidates funnel and will help you save a lot of time.

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