The top 9 essential job skills to thrive in the post coronavirus world

Since we are all living in the second wave of the pandemic, being very cautious while going to our offices or working from our homes during a lock down; we keep wondering when this major crisis will ever end and what a post-corona world might look like?

A lot of incertitude and mystery involve the post corona virus world, how will it transform, what are the industry that will fall and which new ones will emerge…

One thing is certain things will never go back to the same way they were before. Our work spaces are going to change and so does the requirements, and the skills companies will ask for.

Here are 8 essential job skills that will be in high demand in a post-coronavirus world.

Flexibility and adaptability

No matter what the future will look like and the changes it will bring, one thing is certain, the ways companies used to work and functions are going to change forever.

Our world was already changing drastically but the arrival of the pandemic accelerated it, hence the known idea of “a job for life” is going to disappear since the future is quite uncertain and unstable.

Persons who will succeed in a post-corona world are the ones who can adapt themselves, always evolving and ready to learn, they are also people who are flexible and eager to update and refresh their knowledge and skills.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity has been one of the most important job skills during the first wave of the pandemic.

We have seen a big number of businesses able to create new products or coming up with unusual ways to deliver their services virtually, creating an online first aid community, and even crafting mobile applications to help their customers…all these companies have shown great skills that allowed them to weather the storm.

Eventually, during a post-corona world, we will need more human creativity, innovation, and ingenuity to come up with new methods, new products, and processes of work.

Human creativity will be a surviving key.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking will be a crucial skill as the international economy will be rebuilding from the damages caused by the covid-19.

During the pandemic, we have been daily overloaded by fake news, hoaxes, and misinterpretation of studies and data while governments and leaders kept shifting the blame and the attention from one to another.

In those insecure times, people who have the capacity to evaluate and search for the real information from different sources to determine what to take and what to leave will be highly valuable and effective.

Not every information can be trusted, this is why organizations will be relying on the critical thinking of their workers to choose which information should lead to which decision making and to conduct business more efficiently and clearly.

Tech savviness

To prepare yourself for the post-corona virus phase, you will definitely need to learn technology skills.

In fact, the covid-19 pandemic has been tracking fast digital transformation in several industries and companies that have been trying to become more flexible and resilient in aim to overcome future disruptions and outbreaks.

Nowadays technologies like Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automation, big data, the internet of things and even robotics are all means that will help companies be more resilient and stronger to face future pandemics and crises and anyone who has the skills to help those companies exploit those technologies will easily get a great position and power.

So, whether you work in the accounting service or in a big factory you need to learn how to use those technologies and even work effectively with them.

Emotional intelligence

In times of uncertainty and challenges, emotional intelligence becomes very important.

In fact, emotional intelligence is about being aware of our feeling, being able to express them, control them, and even being able to understand and empathize with other people’s feelings.

In a pandemic era where most people are uncertain about their jobs, the future of their business, and the direction of their career it becomes essential to connect with people on an emotional level. For instance, people with a high EQ will be highly in demand by organizations.

Digital and coding skills

The digital transformation of organizations has been accelerated by the pandemic, therefore professionals with digital skills like web and mobile development, coding, or digital marketing knowledge will become more wanted than ever.

That’s why experts of the digital transformation that keeps the business running and improving in economic slowdowns especially when direct services or one-to-one business becomes impossible and less efficient, will be on the must-hire list.

That’s why we see today more companies moving toward digital organization, virtual services, and indirect processes, giving more chances to candidates with digital skills to thrive and succeed.

Data literacy

Data has been the fuel of the 4th industrial revolution, especially with the pandemic, it became an essential asset for every company, allowing it to better predict the future of business and better serve its customers while providing them with the right products and services at the right time during and after the crisis.

Consequently, companies who will predict business trends and understand the changing customer’s needs will be able to respond in the right way.

However, data become useless unless there is data literacy and people who have the right skills to understand it, analyze it, and make a better decision depending on the available data.

That is why data analysts and experts that control and drive data literacy will be more appealing to future employers.


The pandemic world has been ruled by social distancing, remote work, virtual learning, and services and those trends might continue to exist in the foreseeable future, this means that more people at different levels of the organization will need to show leadership skills, to direct others, help them and lift them whenever needed.

The post coronavirus word will help the gig economy rise and employees will be working in more transversal teams where different people can take the lead at different levels and times.

Experts with strong leadership skills, including team-leading, motivating others, and inspiring them to bring out their best, will be very helpful.

Commit to the value of lifetime learning

According to experts in the world economic forum, only 35% of the skills estimated as essential today will change in the upcoming 5 years. This means the only way to stay relevant and up to date in the post-corona virus world is by committing to a lifetime of learning.

As a consequence of the pandemic, more candidates will have to face a tighter job market with fewer opportunities but professionals with specified and advanced skills will still be demanded and will face fewer struggles to find a decent job.

And thanks to technologies and the internet, improving your actual skills and learning new ones have never been this easy. Nowadays, you don’t need to be wealthy or to have years of study to strengthen your skill set, you just need to find the right courses over the endless list of free open online courses (MOOCs) that will help you improve your skills and even get certified.

Those courses include every single domain going from marketing to accounting, web development, graphic design, data analyzing, and even personal development courses.

Identify the skills you want to develop and search on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, edX, diversity, Udacity, future learn, or also LinkedIn learning.

Lockdown may be a period of laziness, resting, and chilling but since time pass by quickly take it as an opportunity to improve your skills, learn new ones to be fully prepared for the post coronavirus job markets.


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