• Ensure all facilities are maintained in compliance with Company’s Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) policy
• Responsibility for the planned maintenance of all equipment in field facilities including Production system at REB and future new installation equipment in the field
• Managing and responsible for CMMS system
• Plan, and coordinate adequate resources for all maintenance activities.
• Supervise all personnel including third parties to ensure work comply with relevant procedures such as SSHE and Maintenance Standard Procedure
• Assist Head of Maintenance to ensure all equipment and utilities of Asset are maintained safely and efficiently in accordance to maintenance strategy to assure good reliability.
• Assist Head of Maintenance to ensure good planning and scheduling of works
• Ensure compliance with hygiene and safety rules
• Collaborates with other departments for related maintenance activities.


Technical Accountability/Contribution
• Compliance with hygiene, safety and environment rules and guidelines.
• Efficient use of the computer-aided maintenance management system e.g. SAP or others ERP
• Guarantees the availability of spare parts, equipment and equipment.
• Development of preventative and predictive maintenance programs for equipment.
• Update and complete the maintenance and inspection plan database regularly.
• Planning major revisions to improve equipment availability.
• Rational use of personnel and material means to achieve objectives within the allotted time.
• Collaboration and coordination with other departments for the execution of the work.
• Collaboration in budgeting for human and material needs.
• Contribution to the development of specifications as needed.
• Technical evaluations of offers in collaboration with Approval Contracts.
• Manages maintenance contracts and assistance Development of the adequate training program for the continuous development of staff.

• Develop the Preventive Maintenance programs and ensure Preventive / Corrective Maintenance program in CMMS (ERP) system is executed in timely manner as per plan with proper close out. Conducts and tracks the effective use of CMMS
• Assist Head of Maintenance to produce maintenance standard procedures and work instructions according to maintenance program
• Plan and coordinate to ensure adequate resources for all maintenance activities
• Ensure effectively planned maintenance and execution of related service contracts such as Maintenance, Inspection, and Production Realization Service, Control & Safety System (CSS), WHCP, Static equipment Cleaning and Inspection, Valve actuator maintenance etc.
• Contribute and interact with other relevant department in facility planning process and platform inspection routines
• Ensure all latest updated technical documentation are available onsite and/or via online, e.g. key drawing, maintenance manuals and technical journals
• Coordinates and responsible for the operation of the services and maintenance workshops attached to his department
• Prepare and/or review, and submit relevant maintenance reports required
• Studies and analyzes service performance and initiates necessary improvements.
• Follows the evolution of technologies and recommends its director to acquire them.
• Ensures the intensive use of the computer tool.
• Conduct inspections and audit to evaluate equipment and utilities operational condition to determine necessary remedial action

Supervisory Roles
• Supervise Contractors or third parties to ensure work comply with relevant procedures such as SSHE and Maintenance Standard Procedure.
• Good management and problem solving skills

Continuous Professional Development
• Keep abreast of relevant latest technology development to be considered for possible implementation at work place.
• Considering for Cost optimization VS Best efficiency


• Mastery of the operation of the CMMS (ERP system)
• Maintenance rules and procedures, knowledge of units and facilities.


The primary responsibilities of the Head of Planning & Method are:
• Compliance with the SSHE component of the internal regulations.
• Compliance with the implementation of SSHE policy.
• Participation in inspections, SSHE audits.
• Participation in SSHE training.
• Compliance and application of operating procedures and SSHE guidelines.
• Ensure that all facilities and equipment is maintained in accordance with the planned CMMS
• Undertake safety inspection of plant, equipment, machinery and process.
• Ensure that any changes or minor modification to any plant, equipment or machinery are via Engineering Work Request Procedure and that all documentation is complete.
• Track the MOCs register.
• Report all accident, incidents, near-misses and dangerous occurrences to Head of Maintenance immediately.

Candidate Requirements:

• Master Degree or Bachelor’s Degree qualification in Engineering or relevant technical experience
• Minimum of 05 years’ experience in hydrocarbon production industry environment in a maintenance management capacity.
• Broad knowledge and competent in oil and gas facilities maintenance and process in Algeria Groupement or others Country
• Experience working in the Dessert environment,
• Strong interpersonal skills and motivation
• Strong written and oral communication skills in English and French.
• Physical and / or intellectual effort
• Be able to travelling for company’s business

Job Overview
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