Responsibilities :
• Accountable for all matters related to the Electrical engineering, safety, fit for purpose and with full respect to the Statement Of Requirement with approved changes.
• Represents the Company technical authority for this discipline.
• Prepares and suggests technical content of essential studies to initiate EPC contractor action and conformity with state of the art in LNG plant design.
• Supervises all subcontracted studies and provides support to other packages with the support of Head Quarters specialist.
• Ensure Electrical design choices take into account safety constructability, operability and flexibility of the facilities
• Proposes recommendations on technical deviation requests and keeps updated the documentation related to the Electrical disciplines.
• Participates to studies required by third parties as required.
• The service holder will be supported by 1 Electrical Engineers. It is responsible for the Electrical Engineering workload, task attribution and priority.
• Work with Company ICSS engineers and EPC Contractor to execute the IFAT of the ICSS which includes the EMCS, Electrical Monitoring and Control System.
• Manage the Electrical discipline development of engineering specifications and provide quality assurance in the procurement of materials, equipment and services to ensure conformity with sound engineering practice and cost effectiveness.
• Communicates and applies the H3SE policies of the COMPANY and ensure the engineering is developed accordingly.
• Ensures the correct implementation of Company rules and specifications (CR’s/ GS’s), Project specifications, relevant international standards and any applicable regulations requirements.
• Leads the review of the CONTRACTOR’ key deliverables such as: Electrical studies / Electrical LLI PO review consolidate comments from the other engineering disciplines and operations.
• Provides technical assistance to the project for any technical audits (required by the banks and the insurance companies or Board of Directors, HAZOP, PR…).
• Participate, in coordination, with others to the Inspection and Tests Plans (ITP) and FAT preparation and execution. To attend meetings / FATs with Vendors where necessary.
• Ensure that Electrical Equipment are commissioned and started up as per detailed engineering documentation and accordingly to Vendor recommendations. Provide support and search for Vendor assistance if needed.
• Ensure the quality and completeness of Electrical Equipment and Packages Final Documentation (deliverables both from the Contractor and the Vendors) in compliance with Project Scope of Work, Specifications and Procedures and allowing an adequate hand-over to the Operation.
• Reports potential impact on overall project strategy, planning and target achievement.
• Promotes workshops with the HQ specialist and or contractor’s specialist in order to ensure COMPANY concepts and comments are well understood and quickly integrated in technical documents.
• Guides EPC CONTRACTOR main design selection in a Fit-for-Purpose approach in order to reach an optimized design. Accordingly, he promotes and follow until approval the deviation request to COMPANY requirements in the main time.
• Ensures through efficient review the good respect of the applicable frame of reference.
• Participates actively to proper interface management with Process, Safety, Rotating, Instrumentation… studies carried out during the EPSCC phase.
• Reviews and comments the key technical documents of the interfacing disciplines such as Process, Safety, instrumentation, rotating machines … as well as project procedures, if required. • Participates to the Project HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, PR.
• Organizes with its counterpart discipline weekly meetings and report highlights to its management with proposed mitigation measures when deemed required.
• Participates to internal engineering weekly meetings.
• Provides its technical inputs to any contractual discussions with EPC Contractor.
• Contributes to the development of the digital plant though the centric data management when applicable.
• Participates to audits of risk-contractors if need be.
• Participate to Vendors and in particular for LLIs technical evaluation.
• Ensure design validity and coherence with other disciplines and throughout the LNG Facilities.
• Get knowledge of the Omani norms and practices and use it in project when relevant.
• Assist commissioning, start up and Operation team when required. Transfer project knowledge to operations.
• Prepare REX and Lessons Learnt all along the FEED.
• Contribute to personnel skills improvement and encourage knowledge transfer
QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Qualification: • Diploma: Electrical Engineer with proven experience (> 15 years) with large onshore plants and LNG plants detailed design • Professional experience: several years of proven experience in EPSCC and operation stages of LNG projects, • Good teamwork, strong minded, previous team Management desirable • Knowledge of project development in Oman and methods used to submit dossier to state expertise, permitting process, technical approval, Omani norms and standards, are all either an advantage or to progressively acknowledge and incorporate.
• Fluent in English

Job Overview
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