As a Measurement Engineer, you will have the opportunity to routinely review the suitability of equipment of all existing Valero refinery fence line measurements, both liquid, and gas, against the current operating conditions, as well as reviews for compliance to API MPMS and to Valero standards. Works closely with Refinery Operations and Third-Party Terminals to address deficiencies. Prepares technical arguments, detailing the risk of loss and measurement bias in order to justify capital and maintenance projects involving mechanical, electrical, and data communication improvements. Provides technical support throughout project execution.

Main Responsibilities:

– Assists with stewarding the Valero refinery fence-line measurements for the Measurement Assurance Program.
– Performs regular site visits to evaluate and report on existing measurement facilities at Valero and 3rd Party sites for suitability of use in the current operating conditions. (i.e. velocity, viscosity, composition, flow conditioning) and for compliance to API MPMS and Valero standards.
– Maintains a rank-ordered listing of the risks and bias associated with Valero refinery fence line measurements along with the recommended improvements for each.
– Provides economic justification of measurement improvement projects.
– Develops and corrects site-specific measurement procedures.
– Validates the component mass to volume and component mass to energy equations used in LNG, NGL, and LPG invoice and billing spreadsheets.
– Validates all forms of meter tickets and proving calculations.
– Supports Gain(Loss) investigations, dynamic and static measurement questions from various Valero locations.

Skills & Requirements:

– Problem Solving
– Initiative
– Results Orientation
– Interpersonal Skills
– High school diploma or GED is required.
– Bachelor’s degree in engineering (or higher) foreign equivalent degree required.
– Minimum of two years experience in the engineered application of flow measurement equipment and instrumentation required.

Job Overview
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