Responsibilities : 
• HSE:
o Implemention of HSE requirements within the domain of expertise.
• Quality:
o Contribution to Project high-level documents preparation & update (Statement of Requirement, Basis
of Design),
o Support to and enforcement of the Project Quality Management System and the Quality Management System of the Package.
o Promotion of the Project Quality Policy and Objectives.
o Coordination of the Package QA/QC activities in accordance with Project requirements and Criticality Assessment/Surveillance Plan.
o Definition of the Package Surveillance program covering Contractors and Suppliers.
o Planning of Surveillance resources and tools for Package surveillance activities.
o Assistance to implementation of the Project Audit Program
o Development of Package QA/QC procedures/specifications/instructions
o Coordination and performance of Quality Management System Audit or Process Audit of Contractor and Key Suppliers. Issuance/review of audit reports and follow-up of Corrective Action Plans.
o Control of SURF contractor’s PO’s alignment with QA/QC contractual requirements
o Review and approval of Contractor’s Quality Control plans and Inspection and Test Plans.
o Review and approval of other Quality related documents issued by the Contractors and Suppliers.
o Review and control of SURF contractor’s and Supplier’s QA/QC Organization.
o Witnessing of Quality Audits performed by SURF contractor on their Suppliers. Participation to investigations of significant Quality failures or other work deficiencies.
o Review of inspection reports and other quality records and deliverables issued by SURF contractor on completed works and activities.
o Material traceability requirements.
o Monitoring of Company Provided Items management in liaise with the interface engineer.
• Monitoring of implementation of approved changes (Change orders and Derogations).
• Review and assessment of SURF contractor Non-Conformance reports (NCRs) and dispositions.
• Control of proper root cause analysis of Contractor Quality failures and corrective actions.
• Follow-up and tracking of Correctives Action Requests (CARs) and NCRs.
o Interfaces with Certifying Authority for Contractor/Supplier assessment of conformity.
o Progressive review and compilation of As-Built and Final documentation
o Participation to regular Quality reviews and meetings with Contractor. Review of quality KPI’S, improvement efforts, quality issues/failures, NCR trends, etc …
• Coordination and Reporting:
• Monitoring of QA/QC resources on the Project
• Coordination of Company SURF Package QA/QC activities
o Monitoring and review of regular reporting issued to Package management and Quality Manager.
o Population of Surveillance reporting system enabling reactivity in the management of Surveillance issues.
• SURF Package QA/QC referential
• SURF Package QA/QC monitoring plan
• SURF Package QA/QC periodical reporing  • Final report
Technical Requirements
• Advanced expertise in Oil & Gas Industry with large scale projects & complex environment,  • Expertise in Quality Assurance,
• Expertise in Quality Control,
• Expertise in NDT and metallurgy,
• English is the main language of the service,
• Part of the service will require worldwide mobility
Job Overview
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