Land on your dream job with linkedin (5 simple hacks)

5 easy linkedin hacks to make your profile pop up

LinkedIn is one of the most grossing social media in 2022 on which more than 95% of recruiters search to find candidates to present to their clients. LinkedIn is considered efficient against its competition with many other professional social networks and global  job boards , where it helps get three people hired every minute for jobs.

Minimum requirements of a LinkedIn profile are a quality photograph, LinkedIn summary, work history, and education. We’re representing in this article some simple hacks to make your profile stand out and help you land more job interviews. 

1. Your LinkedIn profile picture

 LinkedIn profile picture

Your profile picture is your first asset for a strong visual first impression when you’re a job seeker, Statistically speaking Linkedin profiles with a photo receive more job opportunities than the ones without ; 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. According to a survey by Passport-Photo Online, over 80% of recruiters declared that a LinkedIn profile picture is a crucial ranking factor in a job selection process.  Despite 82% of them agreeing that a book should not be judged by its cover, they all confirmed a picture has an impact. A candidate can get rejected for their LinkedIn profile pic – as much as 70% of the time. 

Your photograph is your online showcase. It has to be the perfect combination of showing professionalism and imposing your personality. The following are some tips to help elevate your game : 

  • Try to look friendly 
  • Assure clear visibility of your face. 
  • Wear what you would wear when you go to work
  • By no means should you have someone else in your picture

2. The LinkedIn headline

Your LinkedIn headline is the description showed under your name and it  arguably makes the toplist of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile when job hunting.

The summary shows up every time you engage on the platform therefore you have to be specific. Enumerate skills and job titles. Use keywords for the opportunity you’re looking for and. if you have issues during the work search process here are 5 simple ways to kick it off .

3. The LinkedIn summary (about)

 This section is important to recruiters do not skip it. If you lack the ability to write a good summary you can ask an expert for help or even hire a writer. In the following, we offer you a formula to stand out according to LinkedIn expert Mindi Rosser.

  1. Adress the reader with a bold statement that encourages him to continue reading. 
  2. Show the employer you are the solution to their problem. 
  3. Display extensively your work experiences. 
  4. Detail your areas of expertise by providing tangible examples. 
  5. Advertise your career accomplishments.
  6. Enumerate your passions for your work
  7. Provide a call to action. 

Pro tip: Write this section for the job position you’re looking for.  Elaborate on your career progression. And most importantly use keywords that commonly match job descriptions of the positions you want to have.

4. Job experience and education


Candidate job resume

  This part is considered as your LinkedIn “resume.” If you are working for a less-known company, add a brief summary of the company’s activity, list your occupation title, and enumerate your responsibilities. This section is a great place to add keywords. Present your career progression but try to keep it brief 

When listing your education, you’re not required to put dates rather include position-relevant certification courses.

Pro tip: Use the names of your companies and schools. When you do, a small image will appear on your profile giving it a nicer look aesthetically and, yes, unfortunately, books are judged by their covers.

5. Now it’s time to add the right keywords

 Recruiters start their research with  keywords to find candidates. What we advice you to do is to visit a professional job board and perform a quick search for positions you want. 

 Select keywords while reading the opportunity description and requirements. add your skills (hard skills and soft skills). This method helps evaluate your market value.Be honest and authentic. Finally, engage on LinkedIn.

keyword reaserch

Other than LinkedIn many professional recruitment agencies offer a wide range of opportunities categorized in serval fields and valuable career advice for job seekers.  

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