Top in-demand tech jobs in 2023
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In 2023, companies around the world will be looking to hire IT profiles: data engineers, Devops, cloud experts…. Whether they are freelancers or outsourced workers to fill their IT needs, as revealed by a study by PageGroup.

This is due to the shortage of qualified IT professionals for the job. Indeed, the first half of 2022 alone saw a 63.8% increase in new IT and telecoms vacancies compared to the previous year, with every indication that this trend will continue in the coming months.

So, in this article we will discuss: …which IT profiles will be the most popular in 2023 for the majority of companies? ….What skills are in demand that might require the services of a recruitment agency?

And you will find a current overview of the market for large companies, startups, SMEs….etc.

Which IT professions will be the most in demand in 2023?

This year, 2023, the IT & Telecoms sector will see a growing demand for IT recruitment. The survey conducted by PageGroup has identified five professions that are particularly in demand and the most sought after by recruiters/employers:

  • The IT security expert’s mission is to identify, collect and track down potential security flaws in the company’s IT infrastructure, in conjunction with the CISO. He assesses the level of vulnerability of the company’s data…. and, with the help of his team, puts in place a complete protection plan to thwart all malicious attempts at intrusion by hackers.
  • The SAP consultant is an expert with specific expertise in his field of activity related to the famous software package for managing resources in the organization. He is able to support the implementation and installation of all the specialized modules of SAP in various fields: accounting, stock management, business intelligence, sales and customer service, etc.
  • The agile consultant must master the various precepts of the Scrum project management methodology. This is a popular Agile approach to managing IT projects, particularly in web or mobile development. He/she must be able to coach, lead and/or coordinate an IT team working according to the Scrum methodology to ensure that the team follows Scrum practices and achieves the sprint objectives.
  • The role of the DevOps person is to create and deploy new applications and IT solutions within their organisation. This function is extremely versatile and diversified, and is generally located on the border between IT development and infrastructure administration.
  • The cloud expert is a highly experienced system and network administrator who makes a valuable contribution to the business. They advise and implement the company’s technology and security strategy for cloud and remote hosting. As such, he is a key advisor in helping the business get the most out of its cloud investments and in protecting the business critical data within this infrastructure.

What recruitment budget do IT specialists expect in 2023?

Indeed, any success requires an investment (there is nothing for nothing in life), particularly in the recruitment of IT specialists. Consequently, for the year 2023, it is necessary to determine the recruitment budget for these experts.

Due to the scarcity of IT profiles, some specialties may experience a considerable increase in the average hourly rate in 2023. As a result, billing increases in 2023 will be quite significant for the following professionals:

  • The IT project manager is a versatile expert in information and communication technologies. They are able to manage an entire digital project, from the development of initial requirements and specifications to final implementation. It is possible that the hourly rate for this type of professional will be increased by about 5% in 2023.
  • System and network administrators play a key role in most companies and organizations. They are responsible for the performance and maintenance of the IT tools used by all employees. In 2023, it is possible that these professionals will receive a 6% pay rise.
  • Web and mobile developers are still in high demand in many industries, and remain a scarce commodity that is hard to find. This year, coding skills are expected to be highly valued in the market, with an average pay rise of around 8%.
  • Data engineers have become essential for companies wishing to optimize their sales and marketing strategy. They are able to analyze data in order to determine the actions to be taken to achieve their objectives. They can also help improve decision-making by providing relevant information and reliable forecasts. An 8% increase in their remuneration is also foreseeable.

What are the most sought-after soft skills in IT in 2023?

In addition to technical skills, employers also value certain personal qualities in IT experts. These skills are increasingly in demand in today’s job advertisements for IT professionals looking for assignments.

There are five soft skills that are frequently mentioned in recent IT job advertisements:

Work ethic and reliability

Companies are looking for freelance providers they can trust, especially in a field where remote working is common. Therefore, work ethic and reliability remain important values for employers and are widely valued.

These qualities are seen as a prerequisite for establishing a trusting relationship with the freelance contractor, as employers need to be assured that the work will be carried out reliably and with an ethical commitment.

Organizational skills

Managing complex projects is a key skill in the digital field, and it requires great organizational skills. The ability to manage a digital project holistically, from start to finish, is crucial to success in this sector.

A good external IT provider must be able to manage and balance several priorities at the same time. The ability to prioritize tasks and set priorities is an essential skill to manage digital projects effectively.

Ability to work in a team

Jobs in the digital field, such as web development or IT project management, can be demanding and unpredictable. That’s why personal qualities such as motivation and a positive attitude are highly valued.

Digital professionals face regular challenges and constraints, and their ability to stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude is essential for success in this field. These qualities can help to cope with the unexpected and overcome obstacles encountered when managing digital projects.

Flexibility and availability

Flexibility and availability are important criteria for many companies looking for IT professionals. IT jobs may involve specific working hours, such as on-call or staggered working hours.

In the IT field, it is often necessary to adapt to time constraints and to be available to meet the needs of clients or users. IT professionals must therefore be flexible and willing to work outside normal office hours to respond to urgent requests or to handle critical situations.

The coming year promises increasing demand from large organizations in the IT sector. From cyber security experts to digital project managers, hiring managers will need to be creative to attract new talent and keep their existing teams engaged.

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