Tips For Senior Job Seekers Looking For A New Opportunity

While there are thousands of advice and career tips for young people at the entry-level or candidates who want to change their career, entrepreneurs, and even the people who want to get back to school/ university …there is a huge lack of career coaching for senior job seekers.

Based on the expertise of several career coaches, we will provide you in this article with tailored career advice for senior job seekers looking for the next big opportunity.

1.Stay relevant

Looking for a new opportunity, after passing a decade in the same job, and being considered as a senior job seeker might be frightening and frustrating! In a job market filled with millennials and generation Z candidates, you may feel that youth is the most valuable criterion!

But you are not right! It is your job to be relevant! Start by removing the oldest experience you have occupied in your early 15- or 20-years career!

Update your Cv with the newest jobs and most valuable experiences. Update your profile on social media especially LinkedIn: start by uploading a professional photo in which you are smiling and looking confident. Use words like a fast learner, flexible, problem solver with the ability to adjust to current market needs; to describe yourself.

2.Believe you will be always valued

Find opportunities in which age isn’t an obstacle but a real opportunity or an asset. Do your research and identify the roles and industries that consider senior candidates as a stepping stone for the company.

Never underestimate the value of your maturity. Long years of experience are your real strength and can differentiate you from other candidates Brainstorm the posts that will leverage your career capital or give a new breath to your path.

3.Learn how to market yourself

Focus on your strength and distinctive traits when looking for a new job. While aging you will get older definitely but you will gain more wisdom, maturity, and experience both on the professional and personal side. Try to sell yourself around these key qualities.

Look for online courses related to the field you want to work for, keep your skill set updated, or add some new training to your toolbox. Aging isn’t something you can stop or control but your behavior and attitude are!

4.Grab attention to your achievements

Your resume is not a chronicled timeline in which you must list all the experiences you gained! Employers are more interested in the results you achieved in the last 10 to 15 years.

While crafting your CV, keep in mind the fact you should create a result-driven and compelling draft. That draft must show perfectly what you’ve accomplished, and what you are capable of. Remember what does matter is, what you can bring in to the table, not your age!

5.Embrace your diversity

Among other elements, as a senior job seeker, you need to consider your age as an asset!  The nowadays changing market and international companies are considering the diversity of thoughts as a crucial element for their survival and evolution. No matter what is the generation you are in, use your experience as an advantage to show your capability of adjusting and your adaptability to every new situation.

6.Activate your network

Recent research has indicated that more than 80% to 85% of today’s jobs are landed by networking! So, build a strong community and strengthen your relations with all your network members! Keep those relations alive. Go beyond forwarding your resume to your network members, instead of giving them, the most valuable element you want them to market.

This step will help them sell your profile once the right opportunity comes across them. Give them a shortlist of your accomplishments and achievement. This list will show how your profile is the best match for the opportunity you are searching for. Your network members and friends can be a great push to your career. They can be the best allies and advocates to your application and they will help you get more successful in securing your next job.

7.Keep current

Be updated by following the last trends in your industry, keeping up with the news related to your post, and never forget to upgrade your skillset.

Don’t let yourself be left behind in a conversation or a meeting. When your mates start talking about the newest inventions in your field or the latest social media platform… get informed, google that subject, and do your researches.

Keep current and stay ahead of the curve with your knowledge and skillset, don’t let anything hold you back.

8.Embrace the change, don't be afraid

The oldest candidates always feel overwhelmed when it comes to learning or pursuing a new thing but that should never be an obstacle.

A late study made by PayScale has shown that 82% of senior job seekers who decided to change their career after the age of 45 were definitely successful in their move.

Moreover, many of them reported being happier in their new position especially when they earn better incomes. So, if you are dreaming to change your career, start acting by doing your personal researches, taking some courses, going back to school if needed …the most essential thing is to remain confident.

9.Never forget how far you’ve come

Senior job seekers have an extra advantage in terms of job search. By accumulating years of experience, history, and different backgrounds to their advantage, they can easily present themselves as consultants or counselors instead of simple employees.

This plan will grant them a higher salary, other advantages but mostly a more flexible schedule. By aging, you will learn more things about yourself, what you consider a dream job, and get more chances to attend to your professional objectives.


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