Tips To Overcome Burnout And Stay Motivated

Like all human beings, we experience different phases and steps in our life. Keeping the motivation and excitement about our career, work or life 24/7 is extremely a difficult task to do. One day we wake up happy about our life, plans, and goals but on other days, it won’t matter anymore.

Then things slowly start to change; it becomes more difficult to get out of bed, head to the office, or just finish a little task.

You start giving unreal and blurry answers when people ask how you are doing. You tell yourself things will change in the coming days, you make plans that will never come true and you start procrastinating…but let us tell you something it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are 7 tips that you can take to overcome burnout and gain back all your energy, sparkle, and motivation.

7 tips to overcome burnout and gain motivation

Reorganize your working space

Since things go so fast these days, we tend to not notice our working space or just neglect it. But the best thing to do, to have a fresh new start is to stand in our office and take a deep look.

  • Is it organized?
  • Does it feel messy, dirty, or cluttered?
  • Are there too many items on the desk or too much furniture in the room?
  • Does the place feel nice and tidy or is it too formal and cold?

Answer all these questions and start decluttering or tidying up the place if needed, make it clean, simple and appealing, throw away unnecessary items, and keep only the useful ones.

Rearrange your space, equipment, and materials, don’t forget to add some personal items, like photos, decorations, trophies to personalize your space and make it more appealing for you when you enter your office each day.

Have a do-nothing day

We are always hustling and working even after our working hours our minds keep thinking of our next step, a future project, a client phone call, the conception of a new product…

But sometimes we need to step back to see things clearer!

That‘s why we need a day off in our week, a day in which we stop all our plans, activities, and the urge to multitask and start our next step.

For one day, give yourself the freedom to rest and do nothing, unless it is a life or death issue, or something that will make you lose money or a customer doesn’t even try to clear your calendar.

Put everything on hold, get up when you feel you are ready, take care of yourself prepare a nice and rich breakfast, sit in your favorite place, read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie, let the feeling of doing nothing flow into you.

For an achiever, this is a very difficult challenge but even though give it a try.

This step will make you gain the mental, emotional and physical strength you need to start fresh and overcome burnout.

Prepare a VIP strategy for one

The first steps mean to make you happier and less stressed, but even so, an entrepreneurial mind does never stop.

Plus, the fact of being too much away from what you need to do will only make you more anxious!

So, in your new decluttered working space, determine the things that are consuming your time and energy. Write them down in a list or a sheet of paper, list down one item per line, and leave space between each item.

Take this notepad to a place that is far away from your daily life, book a hotel room for a day, or head to a cozy and calm coffee shop for few hours.

The one thing to respect is that the place you choose must be a place where you feel relaxed, happy, and at ease.

While you are there ask yourself 3 important questions:

  • Why and for whom, am I doing this?
  • If I achieve those plans or hit those goals how my life would be? My health, finances, social life, relationships, mental estate, or lifestyle?
  • If on the other hand, I do not accomplish those plans or goals what are the things that may go wrong, whether it is about my health, finance, mental health, relationships, lifestyle, or social life?

Write down your true sincere answers and go through each item. Now get rid of each one that does not fit with your plans. Look again at your remaining list and choose the one item that you will make your priority for the next 30 days.

You now have a clear priority in your life, and you have given yourself permission to put all the other projects on hold.

Now you only need to focus on what you do to bring you income and your one priority for the next 30 days.

Create a relaxing evening routine

Prepare an evening routine that helps you decompress, get rid of the whole day struggle but mostly have a good night’s sleep.

You can get a quick warm bath or shower, followed by some reading or listening to an audiobook, you can also meditate or write some notes into your journal.

Set an alarm on your phone to remember you that it is time to wind down.

Then follow this routine each night.

Ask for help

Some days you may need some help to get back your life on track.

The help could evolve around skills or expertise that will guide you into your day-to-day responsibilities.

The fact of having one priority besides your work to take care of doesn’t mean you haven’t anything else to think of or to do.

Don’t forget to get the support you need to accomplish your tasks whether it is support from relatives, friends, or family or from your coach or mentor, ask for advice and tips some people may enlighten your spirit or mind by giving a new perspective or a new method of work.

Join a group of like-minded people, so you do not feel alone.

You can also get the help of a professional coach to check up on you. All those technics are meant to strengthen you and to help you overcome burnout.

Have an energizing morning routine

This is quite similar to the nighttime routine, however, this time you will start doing things that get you moving and started for a new day.

Getting up in the morning seems to be the most difficult part for people who are suffering from burnout feeling, this is maybe explained by the fact, that energy plays a major role in how we start and face our day.

The trick here is to create a simple but effective routine that will stimulate and energize our body and spirit no matter how we feel on that day.

The aim of this step is to create a positive habit. This will surely take time, but it will make you gradually able to get going even on days you are not feeling like so.

Which will make you motivated and help you overcome the burnout feeling.


Tracking your expenses and finical accounts is quite important but tracking your successes even the smallest ones is more crucial.

So, try to keep a weekly list of your small achievements. It is important to remind yourself of how far you have come or how much you have realized when things tend to be tough or not going well.

If you are a member of a team or you have a mentor, it is useful to share your successes with them, any one of us needs words of encouragement from time to time.

To make your celebration quite effective and powerful, plan your rewards in advance.

Choose things, items, or events from your bucket list that will make you happy.

Whether it is a dinner in a fancy new restaurant, a new technological gadget, a holiday in a cozy place, or just a coffee and some quality time with an old friend you can choose whatever please you as long as it makes you feel special.

Final thought...

When things go messy, our energy starts to go down and we become very irritable. This is a clear sign that we are drained and we need to take some time off. During that time we have to take care of ourselves, put everything aside, and question ourselves about what really matters. The burnout feeling is a very common issue these days, but by following the seven pre-listed steps we can overcome it and get it back to our life with new energy.

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