Tips for writing the perfect CV to get your dream job

How could you write a perfect CV to get your dream job?

Knowing that recruiters spend nearly 6 seconds looking and exploring a Curriculum Vitae before deciding whether to reject or proceed with your application, make each job seeker feel the urge to write the perfect CV, a CV that grabs attention, be original and strong enough to move to the next step on the recruiting funnel.

So how can you write a standout CV? Here are the major tips to get the winning Curriculum Vitae:

1.Choose the right template

Even if you succeed to write a perfect CV with a meaningful experience and structured composition, a poorly designed template can turn off your future recruiter.

Never forget that the visual aspect of your resume will be the first thing to be evaluated among others, so either your grab attention and stand out of the crowd or just melt in the huge CV pile on the desk of the recruiter, like another candidate.

The CV template is not only visually appealing, but it will help you also to build your resume easier and make it look good, more professional, and harmonious.

2.Be consistent with the format

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to write dates, job description, job title then-employer or vice versa, what your and organized spirit. This will help the recruiter to read your CV easier and it will demonstrate to your future employer that you have a sense of detail, organization, and mostly harmony.

3.Put your most recent jobs first

Since it is important to know what was your last working experience and the most recent job post that you occupied before looking for this new position, it would be better if you organize your experience and educational section in a descending order going from your most recent element to the oldest ones.

This will give a more cohesive and meaningful lecture to your CV.

4.Use the right keywords

When you include the right keywords in your CV especially in the skills section, you will help employers and recruiters to scan it easily, since they are already looking for words or specific phrases related to the position they are recruiting for.

This procedure will help your resume get through ATS (applicant tracking system) filters. Because some companies use this system to find the application that contains certain words.

And the easiest way to find the right keywords is to check the job description, normally this section will include the most relevant keyword related to the job post. Use these words in a meaningful way through your CV.

5.Read your CV several times and check its spelling

Finally, before hitting the register or send button, make sure you have carefully, read and checked few times your resume or Cover letter, verify the spelling, grammar, punctuation …

If you are using a CV builder, hit the spell check button to verify if everything is ok.

This resume will dictate the first impression the recruiter will make of you as a person and a future candidate so make sure it is the right image you want to be perceived as.

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