10 Tips to run your job search effectively and find the right position

With a simple research on the internet, you will be able to find hundreds of articles and methods promising you to get a job in 30 days, 15, or even less. But finding a job quickly isn’t as important as finding the RIGHT one. A job that you actually like with tasks you enjoy doing.

But before we start talking about our job search tips, you have to keep in your mind that a few changes to your resume, cover letter and social media, and good organization can and will make a difference in the eyes of recruiters and help you stand out from the crowd of candidates applying for the same job as you.

Here are 10 tips that will help you succeed your job search and build your dream career.

Start by updating your resume

Writing a good resume is certainly the starting point of any job search. But meanwhile, a well-written resume is not enough. You need to keep it updated by adding the most current information on it.

List all of the tasks and assignments you’ve completed in the past few months. Don’t forget to match your experiences and the information on your resume with the requirements of the positions you are applying for.

Find enough time for your job search

In order to succeed in your job search, you don’t have to spend most of your days looking for your dream position everywhere. Instead, try to manage your free time.  A maximum of one hour a day can be enough time to organize your resume and target the best jobs for you.

Sort out what you want and what you don't

This step is about separating the tasks you want to do at work and the ones you can’t, or you simply don’t enjoy doing.

Before starting your job search, sort them by experience or interest level and leave room for tasks you can improve or learn, especially if you find a position that suits you but involves one of the assignments you don’t master.

To do this, job descriptions, presentations related to the culture of the company, and work environment can be indicators that help you get through this part and get the job.

Challenge yourself and review your skills

This part is important for so many reasons, not only it will help you determine what makes you a unique candidate and a great worker, but it will also help you define the areas in which you can perform better.

What we advise you to do:

Everyone definitely has some added values. So in order to succeed in your job search, formulate phrases that best summarize them and keep them aside to highlight in your cover letter and your LinkedIn profile description.

Sell your talents in the best way possible

Finding your next job requires you to take care of your different documents and your professional networks. Your resume, your cover letter, and especially your LinkedIn profile are what say the most about you as a person, about your skills, and of course your career plans. The first information and impression a recruiter can get hides there.

Don’t hesitate to list your qualities and highlight your accomplishments on your resume and your LinkedIn account, it’s what matters the most for recruiters.

Another thing you should pay attention to while applying for a job offer is your cover letter. Think about detailing your previous positions, your motivations for the position, and especially your accomplishments in a creative way. Don’t forget to always “Keep it simple”.

Take a good care of your e-reputation

Sharing links to your social networks and your blog (if you have one) is very important for your job search. Recruiters often start by consulting them in order to learn more about your personality, your main interests, and maybe even your work style. And it’s for these exact same reasons that you should avoid posting pictures of your last night out or any posts that will give a negative impression on you.

Therefore, you should always maintain a respectable image on your social networks, especially on your LinkedIn account. In fact, this professional social Network is literally a representation of who you are professionally, and recruiters often use it for headhunting.

Set up a job search strategy

No matter what your field is, you will always be able to find a specialized job board on which you can find your next opportunity. All you have to do is a small research in order to identify the right ones for you. 

If possible, you can also write a list of the companies you want to work for. And if you want to take it to the next level, think about adjusting your resumes to the jobs you are applying for.

Also, you can create a job alert to receive only the job offers that might interest you, as is the case with different job boards. You can personalize it and receive it as often as you want.

Stay on top of the latest job market news

You can subscribe to specialized publications to keep up with the latest job market trends and news. Subscribing to the LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter pages of the companies you are interested in can pay off. Today, many companies post their jobs on social networks.

Some Mobile Applications are also very useful. Rather you are looking for the latest job offers or even the latest market news, they will provide you with what you are searching for.

Refine your search and rank job offers

As we said, finding a company that suits you requires sharing common values. Once you have verified these criteria, you must detect if the offer corresponds to what you are looking for in terms of challenge and expectations.

A job board allows you to conduct specific searches: field of employment, location, company, nature of the contract, salary, and other criteria.

Try the spontaneous application

In spite of all the progress made by the various job boards thanks to the improvement of their algorithms, it is important to know that spontaneous application remains a good way to get noticed by recruiters.

By following all these tips, you will optimize your chances of succeeding in your job search by finding your dream position quickly and you will certainly make a good impression on recruiters. After following all these tips, we wish you a successful integration into your new workplace.

More job search tips and hacks are available on our blog for head hunters and job seekers. Check them out!

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