5 tips to improve your cv overnight

How to improve your CV overnight?

Want to keep an attractive resume for recruiters here is the top 5 tips provided by our experts that will allow you to improve your CV overnight :

Get two written formal Referees   

Your reference may be a respectable and well-known person which would impress the reader; an MP, Dean of a university, Director of a famous company or a person who has received an honorary award to give your CV more credibility

Quantify your achievements

Recruiters want to see SMART metrics of your previous works per example: I increased sales by 17% in 3 months using SEO

Include your Social Media 

70% of employers check social media profiles of job applicants so if you are active in these industries on social media it can give you an advantage over others applying for the same role.

Highlight your top skills

You should have focus when applying for an internship or job on the qualifications listed in the description and then organize your resume in a way that best highlights your skills and accomplishments and proves that you are the perfect candidate for the internship or the job.

Integrate keywords

Resume keywords are critical to helping you get your resume noticed by employers because most companies have talent management systems, to screen candidates for job openings and that will increase your chances of landing a job interview.

You’ve just finished improving your CV? Upload your resume on our job board and build your dream career. 

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