How can you update your CV to job hunt during the pandemic and beyond

Despite the everlasting uncertainty that has started since the pandemic, every job seeker should be looking to the future and try to find some new creative ways to make his professional ambitions and dreams become a reality.

But how can you achieve that? Or conduct an enthusiastic job search during the phase of the coronavirus? How has your career changed during this crisis and how can you create a CV that stands out during the pandemic?

Here are some tips to help update your CV and make it worthy even in times of uncertainty for your job hunt.

Update your CV with the new skills you learned during the lockdown

The covid-19 lockdown has certainly given extra free time to a lot of us.

This may be a result of a temporary leave, telecommuting, or just fewer hours spent in traffic …no matter what the reason is, this situation was the perfect opportunity for some employees to get new skills and certifications added to their CV; which allowed them to give an extra boost to their career.

Some of the skills you could learn during this slowdown include:

  • Data analytics: if you want to master google analytics for advanced analysis and report, Google Analytics Academy will help you understand and grow your business through smart data collection and analysis.


  • Coding: the increasing use of new technologies in our daily jobs at multiple levels, means that digital and development skills will be crucial. A good place to start building your skillset will be coding through  Codeacademy.


  • Writing: writing academy, open learn or are great free open-source academies, that will help you brush up your writing skills.


All those examples of skills have the double benefice of being easy to learn from home and highly in demand in the job market. Hence if you update your CV with a newly acquired skill showcase, not only your commitment to learning but also your readiness to use your extra time to build and reinforce your skillset.

Stress your new mindset or your changing management experience

During the pandemic, many companies dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, have incredibly shown levels of flexibility, especially with workforces shifting entirely to remote work and processes being entirely rebuilt and digitalized.

This change has pushed many employees to take personal responsibility for changing and adapting their way of work to meet the new challenges while continuing to deliver objectives successfully.

Consequently, a growing number of employers are showing appreciation to staff who have change management experience or who adopted a new mindset to stay on track.

So, if you have adopted your own working methods quickly and successfully in response to the new challenging circumstances especially if they include implementing new technology or managing big teams, then you should highlight this achievement on your CV.

This will show your resourcefulness, adaptability, and ability to respond well to any change.

If you did not have this experience, you should emphasize the soft skills indicating you are a person with the right mindset and attitude in terms of dealing with change.

You can highlight some of these soft skills:

  • Proactivity
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility

Be open to trying new things.

This long-term crisis generated by the covid-19 means that we will see a lot of surges, industry shifts, and new trends that will bring a powerful impact not only on the economy and job market but also on the entire world.

So, showing adaptability and openness to new opportunities on your resume will make you more desirable and lead you to new experiences in fields you didn’t probably know, which will help you discover a new set of skills and strengths that were hidden in you.

And while technical knowledge will be always crucial, remember that soft skills will emerge more than ever as an essential priority for tomorrow’s employers.

So, if you can strengthen your CV with real-time experiences and examples of some critical times you have been through or some tough periods in which you demonstrated great communication skills, flexibility, emotional intelligence, and readiness to learn, you will prove how valuable and precious your adaptability makes you. In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, this quality will boost your career and propel you to the next level no matter what the future holds.

Consider your recruiter as a lifetime career partner and consultant

when it is time to brush up on your CV and start to map your future career, you need to consider working with an expert or a consultant.

As professionals on the job market, they are the best-placed persons to advise you on the skills set you should acquire, and which competencies are in-demand, and which are the ones that will be crucial to overcoming the current challenges.

Recruiters can also give you some precious interview tips, advice about how you can better frame your experience and sell yourself in the current job landscape! And to get the whole privilege of this process, you’d better have an exclusive recruiter or a personal coach, with whom you will build a long-term relationship, get personalized advice, and secure the right opportunities according to your profile.

As a lifelong career partner, this expert will help you in every step of your career, and working with him will be a key element especially during a crisis.

Now that you have these tips, all you need to do is to start updating your CV to get ready for your next job hunt to thrive during and after the corona-virus world.

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