5 simple ideas to implement workplace wellness

Workplace wellness is an essential element for every one of us. In fact, if we know that we spend in average more than 8 h/day at work, we understand that our happiness, stability, physical and mental health depend on our wellbeing at work.

In other words, if an employee feels miserable during his working hours because of a tremendous workload, the lack of motivation, the absence of financial advantages and bonus or even the unhealthy relationship he/she has with their colleagues and managers …he will be miserable in his personal life too.

The lack of workplace wellness is a big reason for employees’ turnover and resignment. Which is why, we will discuss 5 major ways to act concretely, even without a budget, within a company in order to ensure employees fulfillment and well being at the workplace.

5 ideas to implement workplace wellness

Idea n°1: Create workspaces where serendipity is expressed

You don’t have a big budget to reinvest in furniture and reorganization? Choose plants.

A study conducted by Bringslimark, Pati l, and Harti G. in Norway in 2008 revealed that the personal feeling of productivity in the workplace increases with the presence of plants. Plants are a concrete solution to quickly create a more pleasant place.

When we talk about a pleasant workplace, we are trying to let the concept of serendipity express itself. It is the art and methods, used to create spaces based on relaxation and serenity.

These pleasant spaces will be sufficiently effective to help employees feels more relaxed, far away from the alert state and ready to make pleasant meetings with each other’s.

However, does that mean that you have to install a budget foosball table or fruit baskets by the coffee machine? Not necessarily.

Idea n°2: Reveal employee's social needs by taking the temperature

An employee who feels part of a team is much more involved and effective in their assignments. Regular feedback is a key component of well-being at work. It should not be reserved only for the annual review. It is a proactive tool that keeps your troops engaged.

By collecting feedback from your employees, you can prevent areas of tension and work on the issues they raise immediately. This step will then allow you to initiate a dialogue with all stakeholders to find a collective solution.

Hence by doing so you will not only create a more inclusive workplace but you will also promote workplace wellness in your company.

Idea n°3: Challenge creativity with learning opportunities

Never underestimate the need for creativity in your teams! In the life of a company, this element is often coupled with pride of belonging, one of the key elements of the pyramid of needs. More concretely, it is important to never miss the opportunity to continue learning. Boredom at work is a scourge that even the most beautiful offices in the world cannot counter. A concrete action lever is therefore to regularly offer MOOC training, workshops on OpenClassRoom or Google training. There is no shortage of online solutions!

Idea n°4: Promote autonomy through flex-office

Why not work on the need for recognition and appreciation? This need for personal development is embodied in the trust and autonomy left to the employee. The concept of flex-office is becoming more and more popular and the latest century.

Flexjobs survey suggests that 82% of employees would be happier if they had flexible working options.

Offer flexibility in working hours so that your employees can balance their professional and personal life. But also, offer some mobility in the workspace. You have an open space? Why not offer pool sitting where don’t assign specific spaces ?

Idea n°5 : Recognize the perimeter of modern "happycracy”

You can offer the nicest offices, the most interesting online training and the best flexibility options at work, but if your employees don’t want to be happy, they won’t be.Hence, the idea may sound flat when you read it, but in the context of the happiness injunction, ask yourself what really matters to your employees? Do they absolutely need the latest high-budget gadget to brighten up their office life? Or do they need a human, active and empathetic ear?

In fact, work psychology studies, have shown that employees are the actors of their own well-being.

No matter what the climate of collective happycracy includes, happiness at work is a very personal quest. In this race for happiness, never forget to let people be themselves. You can’t force them to be happy. And if you really want the people around you to be happy in their work, be happy in yours. A well-made example is often worth a thousand instructions!

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