9 Habits To Boost Your Career You Must Definitely Have

Everyone of us has his own habits and manners when it comes to work or even personal life. Whether it is about the way we work, achieve our tasks or manage our day; these habits affect our attitude to others and also our careers.

Even though, people may think that habits are difficult to change, starting with small changes can have a huge impact on our productivity, relation ship with our colleagues and overall satisfaction. 

So here are nine simple habits you can start practicing today in order to boost your career. 

First habit : Learn how to listen actively

We all listen to others when they speak, yet there is a big difference between wanting to answer and active listening.

Most people wait to reply or talk back while ignoring the real purpose of listening. In fact, when you practice the active listening: you will make an effort to hear, understand, process and respond thoughtfully. Your colleagues and superiors will start noticing the positive difference in your behavior.

So, when you listen to others, be attentive to what they say. Listening actively will not only give a better understanding, but it makes the other person feel heard, valued and respected.

Which is essential to build relationships. This kind of skills will be invaluable, if nurtured and developed with time.

Second habit : Say Thank you

Even if it is always overlooked, gratitude and recognition are crucial in term of building relationships in the workplace.

Everyone must feel appreciated and cherished. So, you need to have a regular habit of thanking others for their efforts and hard work.

And while most people expect to get recognition and gratitude from their bosses, we need to give as much recognition to others as we would like to receive.

So be the first one to recognize the wins and victories of others and they will turn it back to you.

Third habit : Manage your time

Poor time management skills do not affect your work as an employee, but they make everyone else in your team stumble and look bad.

Your inability to complete a project on time because of a sudden meeting or a trivial task that could have been delegated, will have a negative impact on your performance and chance to grow within the company.

So you better finish the tasks you start, don’t procrastinate and set clear limits for each task.At the end of your day plan write down your to-do -list for tomorrow.

Be organized, plan and track your advancement. This tip will prevent from wasting your time in the next day, while trying to figure out your priorities.

Fourth habit : Solve problems

No matter what is your field, if you are capable to solve problems you will succeed in your career.

Problems solving is a great skill and it shows your capabilities and willingness to play on a team.

Showing this trait earlier in your post can be very beneficial to boost your career.

Hence, in order to be successful in your career, it is essential to demonstrate your ability to think out of the box and bring new, different solutions to the challenges you face.

You can even show your aptitude to solve problems during the job interview.

Fifth habit : Set goals and monitor progress

Goals are the first thing to set in order to make success.

They define what you are dreaming for what success looks like and how to measure this impact.

So before starting your days, take few minutes to fixe and review your short- and long-term goals and track any progress you have made.

Have a daily habit to check your goals on a daily basis.

When you will get used to describe what you achieved, why it matters to you and how much time and effort it took, your career will grow in no time.

Sixth habit : Adopt positivity

It is natural that people naturally follow the positive member within a company. In fact, these people have the strength and right attitude when the team is facing challenges or difficulties.

Positive people will always try to be optimistic and help their team to get back on track even when things are not going right.

In the other hand negativity is one of the worst habits that block people and hold their back whether in career or in life in general.

Hence fighting your natural desire to complain or whine when times are tough can really uplift your team spirit and your place within the organization.

Having a positive mindset and attitude will picture you as a strong person who knows how to endure pressure.

Seventh habit : Double check and confirm

One of the major sources of conflict in a workplace is the unclear expectations, both on the part of employees and managers.

If one person gives vague or confusing directions, the other one might assume ideas or incorrect interpretation and neither party will get the work done properly.

The best way to prevent this situation is to constantly check in about ongoing projects, clarify the other person expectation from you or what you need people in your team to do.

Communication and accountability are the key to boost your career. In every role you occupy, you should check in and confirm the goals and requirement, manage expectations then keep people well informed. This will help you achieve the result you want.

When you proactively keep people updated about the requirement and objectives, they will be aware and responsible and they will notice that you are invested in achieving the common goal.

Eighth habit : Seek out quiet

The daily workload never ends, and when they are not in the office employees keep answering emails, taking calls and completing tasks at any hour of the day.

This instant state of being connected and the influx of notification can make our mental space really noisy and disturbed.

Which will decrease your focus at work. That why psychotherapist suggest taking few minutes off, every day to remove these distractions, rest and reset your mind.

So, implement a daily habit in which you take few minutes to calm down, meditate in order to get rid of static and clear out the mental clutter.

This will help you manager your anxiety, stress but mostly focus better and get back to the game.

Take a 10 minutes’ walk in a quiet place without any distractions, you will feel calm, refreshed and ready to carry on your journey.

Ninth habit : Always be honest to yourself

Being self-aware and conscious about your own strength and weaknesses can only push you to do your best during your current and future roles.

This is really important when it comes to your limits or weaknesses. In fact, if you take note of what you are not good at, you will understand your skill gaps and you will find the better solution to prevent them in the future.

Which means that, the best thing you can do to boost your career is starting by being honest.

Analyze and understand your strengths and weaknesses and admit them.

For example, you may be a good team member but the problem is that you stubborn and you want to have the final word. This situation implicates that you must admit your default and find solution by which you tolerate and welcome other people ideas and accept the decision of the team.


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