Remote work 8 tips that will facilitate your life

Tips to nail your remote work game

Did you land a new remote work or do you work for a company that still adopt this alternative as a part of its working strategy? Now what?You’re asking yourself how to stay productive, attain goals and live up to your own expectations within this new work style?

As a freelancer or a free consultant who choose a remote work opportunity you might be asking yourself how will I attain my goals and finish my work if I work remotely.

Here are some few expert tips that will help you to get the best of remote work in order to have a good work life balance and better control of your days.

Invest in quality devices and technology

If you adopt remote work you will need some essential tools like a good quality connection but there is more to a successful setup than a consistent WIFI.

As a remote worker you should be able to take video calls, participate in remote meetings and transfer your work without losing connection. Hence you must think of the devices and technological tools you will need to accomplish your job properly.

For example many remote work experts invest in quality camera, or noise-cancelling headphones so that they can work from anywhere without being disturbed. Other specialist recommend second screens or wireless mouse and keyboards in order to be fully prepared.

Rely on your community

One of the biggest hoaxes related to remote work is being lonely. To make sure that you are feeling connected with the real world, start thinking of becoming a member of a remote community weather it is in the real world or virtually. You can find a co-working space or a collective near to you space where you can  be surrounded by other professional who are working remotely and who might have better tips that can facilitate your life. While working with other experts you can feel inspired, less lonely and remain productive while embracing while embracing your new location.

Never stop communicating

As many professional says the key to succeed in every field is communication, this becomes really important especially if you choose remote work…this becomes a crucial asset. Since that you are no longer few desks away from your co-workers, team members or manager it is your turn to schedule a one to one check in meeting with your other members on a daily or weekly basis to keep a track of your upcoming projects, daily missions and future goals.

One important rule to remember: advocate for yourself by clearly stating your achievements, the progress you made during the week, which objectives you have attained and which projects you’ve led. When you are not around, it is difficult for the management to keep your work top of mind, so don’t be afraid to bring in your success and improvements.

Review and re-organize your working space

‍set up a place where you can focus on your tasks and achieving your goals.

Remote work expert suggest creating a designated spot in your home, finding a co-working space or visiting a local coffee shop, be sure you are motivated by the environment surrounding you and ready to overcome any kind of challenges that you may encounter.

Embrace the advantages of remote work

Working remotely doesn’t just concern those who work from home or in the same area as their office. If you have the chance with your current post you can take your knowledge and skill set to the road! During the pandemic a big number of workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs adopted remote work while enjoying the support of their virtual community.

Now that you also have the chance to work remotely your life can look different and little bit easier. However if apply the few tips listed above, you can facilitate your transition to a more free and flexible working style that can help you become more successful and relaxed.

Discover you own working style

At the beginning of your remote work trip, you must discover what kind of environment, tools and technics work better for you. Let’s say that you like white noise, in this case a cozy coffee shop will be your best choice. Do you work best in silence? Invest in some good quality noise-cancelling headphones.

Are your productive during the evenings or the morning? Do you prefer small breaks throughout the day or longer breaks in midday? This is a part of the magic of remote work you can work wherever you want and get things done during your best hours, no matter what they are.

Don’t forget self-care

When you start working remotely the line separating “home” from “work” start to fade away. You might find yourlself stuck in front fo your computer screen for longer hours …and while this can be normal when you need to seal a big deal of finish an important report …you must never forget to take time for yourself. Have a healthy life style and commit to a balanced schedule where you practice some sport , have a fixed time to eat healthy meals so that you keep being focused and productive when you need it.

The remote work can affect your life outside of your working hours. However with extra flexibility you can take time and make sure you are not missing important moment in your life.

When you work remotely you can adjust your schedule to take care of your kids without being obliged to leave the office and get stuck in the traffic for hours, you can work from any location and even meet your personal and extra professional needs you have been putting off because you didn’t have enough time.

Learn when to log off

This is one of the trickiest aspects of remote work as you begin this adventure since our world is becoming extremely connected. For instance you can receive many chat notifications and emails from coworkers especially if you work in different time zones.

Hence you must fix an hour when you officially log off for the day.

One of the best perks of remote work is having the flexibility to work when you are the most productive, so don’t let other know that you are available 24/4.

Your work life balance depend on this rule.

After reviewing all these tips, you ready now to nail your remote work life with more knowledge and better insights.

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