The most in-demand skills in 2021

LinkedIn the biggest social media platform for professionals with over 766 million users in the world, has conducted a study to list the most in-demand skills in the new century 2021.

This research was based on a large database of 660 million experts with more than 20 different jobs.

Hence, discover with today’s article the most needed skills, that everyone must master in 2021 in order to get better recruitment chances and boost their professional career.

Top in-demand hard skills in 2021

The most talked-about skills among employers are certain data and technology-related. Taking this information in the count will help you better choose your next online course and career path but meanwhile discover the top 10 hard skills to master in 2021.

Analytical thinking

Data sorting and analyses will be one of the biggest trends in the upcoming years. Employers will need more than ever specialists who can collect, sort, and analyze their data. Those experts can provide their companies with valuable conclusions and data interpretation.

Those results will lead to better decision-making and will uplift their business to the next level essentially based on the right pieces of information. So, if you choose to have a career in data analyses you can be sure about always being in demand.

Cloud computing

A growing number of companies run in the cloud system. Which is why those organizations are always seeking experts who can not only manage the technical aspect like architecture and design but also manage the implementation of cloud systems.


This hard skill is always in the top five most needed hard skills. We can explain the ever-growing demand among employers by the reduced number of specialists in this field. So, if you want a career where the competition is small and the demand is great, choose blockchain to double your recruitment chances.

Business intelligence

This particular skill is gaining extra importance year after year. Business intelligence is the ability to reinforce data-driven business. It is a suite of software and services that transform data into actionable intelligence and knowledge. Business orientation will be one of the biggest trends in 2021.

Scientific computing

This skill relates to software architecture and data science. Employers need experts who can develop machine learning models, sort and analyze big data using MATLAB, Phyton, and Simulink ….

Sales skills

It is mostly impossible to find any business that doesn’t depend on sales managers. This skill is always needed because sales managers are the specialists who can work with any objection and cooperate with people from different backgrounds and temperaments. You can learn and develop all these skills if you desire to have a career in sales.

Affiliate marketing

Marketing is one of the most evaluating and fast-changing domains, each year introduce new tools and processes to the market. In today’s landscape, traditional advertising tools have been replaced by affiliate marketing, based on affiliate posts on social media, special projects, and websites. This specific field needs excellent networking skills to be able to build a strong database of affiliates and new members in order to withdraw extra revenue.

Artificial intelligence

AI is “THE” skill to master by excellence.AI lets computers, and machines perform tasks that human beings cannot perform due to a large amount of data. So, professionals who master AI have an extra chance to be on top of their careers. To introduce yourself to this growing science, start your discovery with online courses.

UX design

Consumer desires and needs are constantly changing but thanks to UX design experts can attract their attention and keep them interested in business. UX designers are responsible for creating user-friendly, and customer-centered products like websites, applications…. Those creations have the ability to retain user’s loyalty and attention. This skill needs both technical abilities related to the development and creative skills related to design and graphics.

Video creating

Since visual marketing is gaining more attention, according to Cisco in 2022, videos will constitute 82% of the internet traffic, since it’s the format that speaks the more to millennials and generation Z. As a consequence, specialists who can create, edit and produce video content will be highly in demand in the coming years.

Top in-demand soft skills in 2021

After the pandemic and the extreme conditions that everyone faced during the last 6 months, soft skills have become as important as hard or technical skills. So here are the most important soft skills to master in 2021:


There is no surprise that this skill is on top of our list. After the huge changes that occurred in 2020, we can confirm that change is an invariable component of tomorrow’s equation. The market is constantly evolving, technologies easily become obsolete or replaced by new ones, some positions despair and others rise, so you need to be flexible in order to survive and thrive. If you have a high capacity to adapt to any new condition, you will always prosper and succeed no matter what happens.

Emotional intelligence

EQ is the ability to understand other people, what motivates them, and how to work cooperatively with them. This skill is crucial when you work in a team or a big company where you get confronted with other people’s ideas and feelings. Each one of us has a different set of moods, so it is important to understand and rightly respond to these.

Collaboration skills

Complementary to EQ, collaborative skills are essential for running big projects based on teamwork. In order to negotiate with others, discuss ideas, and advance together people must have collaborative skills. To grow those skills one must have empathy, EQ, and social intelligence to approach others and collaborate with them.


This skill is a classic. Creativity is not necessarily related to graphic skills, visual or crafting art but it means more the ability to think outside the box and find unique ways to solve problems, and come up with new innovative ideas. This skill is becoming crucial in any field and you can develop it with training and curiosity.

Ability to persuade

This ability is crucial to salespeople and business managers or anyone who has to communicate and negotiate with clients or partners. Persuasive and convincing people can easily defend their ideas, interest, or any point of you, they have the talent to make other people adopt their view. Persuasion skill becomes essential if you want to discuss a pay rise or promotion with your superior. 


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